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STD transmission this way?

I used a public toilet and squatted over and my urine came out quite fast which meant it was splashing off the toilet seat and bowl back onto me - there was also a toilet rim blocker(germs)! Could I catch an sti from splashes from these to my vagina?
Say someone before me had herpes hiv etc and their body fluids were on the toilet seat and splashed into my vagina with my own urine?
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No, STIs are not transmitted this way. They are sexually transmitted diseases or infections, and require some kind of sexual activity to transmit - oral, vaginal or anal sex, or direct, unclothed skin-to-skin contact of mouth to genital, genital to genital, or genital to anal, with some friction.

The only thing you'll get from using public toilets is a little grossed out.
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Hi, basically my urine was splashing off the toilet seat and back onto/into my vagina. Also you know those toilet rims I was urinating directly onto it. What if someone’s fluids were on that and then splashed back onto me? I’m currently pregnant so I believe this is where I’m being paranoid.
It doesn't matter what scenario it was - you had no risk. I'm sure being pregnant has heightened your anxiety for things, but there was no risk. If there was, I'd tell you, I promise.

There's no risk for any STI or HIV. Really, you're fine. :)
Thank you :)
Quick question - do any stds transmit through urine ? Herpes, hiv etc?
I tried to google it - but couldn’t see any clear advice ?
No, as I said, they all require direct skin-to-skin contact, or unprotected oral, vaginal or anal sex.

I think you should talk to your doctor about your concerns, and your anxiety. This kind of thing always grosses us out, but this level of anxiety is an over reaction, even with pregnancy.

We wish you the best. :)
Thank you :)
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