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Sore/pain in throat - from kissing

Hello Doctor - I recently had protective intercourse with a woman, that also involved brief french kisses. Within a few hours, I started feeling soreness in my throat (and difficulty swallowing) thats not gone away even 4 weeks after that episode. I was very careful not to give or receive unprotected oral, but I didn't hold back on kissing her, with the limited understanding that kissing doesnt result in STDs. Im really kicking myself for being so stupid and careless. Have I contracted some kind of STD? Or it is some bacterial or viral infection like a strep throat. Do STD symptoms manifest within a couple of hours?? Please clarify and provide some guidance here.
- Deeply worried here!
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No Std symptoms appear within a few hours so what your describing is not std related.
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Thanks much for your prompt response and clarification, Sir! While researching this, I came across an article that talked about mono virus as an STI. Would you know if this infection shows up in a few hours? Thanks again!
No, no infection - STI or otherwise - shows up within a few hours.

If you've had a sore throat for weeks, it's time to see your doctor. We can't tell you what you have, as there are many things that cause sore throats - strep, allergies, mono (which is called the kissing disease, but is actually an airborne infection), dry air, etc.

Really appreciate your response!! Thanks much!! I very well remember having felt the soreness the very same day, within a matter of hours!! Strange!! Will check with my doctor...
Good luck and feel better. :)
Thanks for the kind words :)
Dear Experts/Altruists : An update on this - After the persistent sore throat that I had experienced, I had had 2 doses of antibiotics prescribed (back in July)- Amoxycilin and another one, subsequently after, that addressed anaerobic bacterial infections. Though it did help, the discomfort is still lingering around. Occasionally, my right ear would hurt and go away on it's own and today I seem to have pulled out what looked like the outer skin of a boil from inside the right ear, using ear buds. I do clean my ears every day so pretty sure its not dirt! :)

At this point, Im thinking if I should get tested for STDs, even though I absolutely have no other symptoms other than the mild discomfort/pain in the throat and this ear infection.

Q1) Would anyone be able to suggest the best place to get STD tests done? I dont want to go through insurance and am even willing to pay to get it done properly.
Q2) Is STDcheck.com a legitimate site?
Q3) Any suggestions on the STDs I should check for?
Q4) Or could this be due to a wisdom tooth (I have 3 apparently) in the mouth that got infected because of the "kiss" and is continuing to exist in the system? Could symptoms appear within hours of catching the infection in this case?

Im scared to take any step that requires going through insurance which is why Im thinking of getting the STD tests done with!

Kindly clarify.
All you did was kiss? There is no risk for STDs from kissing.

Your wisdom teeth didn't get infected from a kiss - they just get infected. It happens to a lot of people.

See a doctor for your ears. Your pain could be from your wisdom teeth, but definitely see a doctor.

It is NOT an STD. You do not need to be tested for that, as you had no risk.

Many thanks for your response! I'll put this doubt to rest! :)
You're welcome. :)
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