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Sore throat, Yellow tongue, Flu / Fever, and a Cold sore

Good Day,

  I've  recently had a possible STD exposure. About a month and a half ago I had sex with a male (I am also male) this was my first time being with a male. I performed unprotected oral (less than 5 min), received protected anal and there was also some kissing. I did not receive anything to my penis just masturbated while receiving anal.

   The very next day I had a really bad sore throat. Five days later it was still an issue so I went to a clinic to get tested, that came back positive for NGU (all clear on gonnera and clamida and -hiv) which I was prescribed some a large amount of antibiotics for. A few days after that I still had a mild sore throat and while examining myself I noticed my tongue had a yellow coating on it. I read that this could be a side effect of antibacterial drugs so I'm hoping the NGU medicine may have had a hand in it (including diarrhea)  however I have tried cleaning it but the infection keeps coming back, I can get almost all the yellow thrush off except the very far back.
   11 days after the sexual incident I also got a TDAP shot as it was recommend by the clinic.
   Exactly 2 weeks after the sexual incident I came down with a Flu / Fever which lasted about 3-4 days (also night sweats). Not sure if it matters but this was during pollen season and I sometimes get sick during this time.
   After the flu resolved over a few days all the other symptoms cleared up except the yellow tongue, no matter how much I clean it still comes back. Also still getting diarrhea, not as bad but usually yellow in color.
   And the icing on the cake, yesterday (5 weeks after the incident) as I was getting ready to go to bed I noticed I had a small cold sore on my bottom lip (it was fine in the morning but was tingling a bit throughout the day)
   As of now my symptoms are yellow tongue, cold sore, occasional diarrhea with slight yellow color (if I brush my tongue it's better / more brown)

I'm hoping this isn't what I think it is but I really feel like I'm grasping at straws here, is there any chance these symptoms were caused by the NGU and the medications / TDAP shot or could I have also gotten another STD at the same time? Going back for the follow up test shortly and I've remained completely abstinent since that incident.
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YOu never said you received oral sex, so NGU is either misdiagnosed or other bacteria you pickup up from something else.
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Hi Vance

   Could you clarify, are you saying that all the other symptoms could be because of my oral infection?
   If an NGU got transferred couldn't that mean another STD did as well?
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NGU...that affects the penis not the mouth. I see no reason for a follow tests, just have Dr look at your tongue.
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