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Soreness of the throat 5 days after

I went to visit another city last week and looked up a prostitute. We proceeded with oral sex without a condom or dam and it was both giving and receiving.  

I started noticing a slight soreness of the throat approximately 3 days after and it has intensified slightly over the last couple of days. No other symptoms at the moment. The soreness in the throat is usually only in the morning and drinking some coffee usually takes it away.

I realize that my actions put me in the risk zone for several STD's but the symptom seems to go away during the day and then return the next morning upon waking. Anybody else have similar experiences or symptoms and should  i take this as clear sign of being infected? I have already gone to have it checked out, but i am worried about infecting others
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Thank you very much for that answer :)
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Hi, the person giving oral on a penis would be more at risk with a deep throat oral. A person giving oral to a vigina would be at risk for herpes and syphilis for the most part.
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