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Uncommon STD or maybe yeast infection?

I posted about this issue a couple months ago but I'm still having issues, hoping to get another look at this (i added pics to my profile as well).

4 months ago I received unprotected oral sex from an anonymous internet partner. Within a week I had light painful urination but it got extremely bad with ejaculation, like razor blades in my penis and extreme itching, ejaculate was also very yellow.. so I went to my GP. Did urinalysis and then immediately after did a swab (which I now realize should have been performed before urinalysis, GP didn't know better I guess). I've had the swab twice before but this time it was extremely painful and my whole body was shaking after it was finished. Anyways, doc gave 2g azithromycin + shot of something + 5 days cipro. Most pain during urination and itching went away but still lingering pain in my penis and lymph nodes in groin were throbbing and keeping me awake at night and painful ejaculation. Back to doc got 10 days doxycycline. Ejaculate regular color and lymph nodes stopped throbbing a week or two after finishing doxy.  BTW swab came back negative for gonorrhea and chlamydia and also they tried to culture my urine for bacteria but it was negative.

Current symptoms:
-Pain in penis persists everyday, and continues today.
-Ejaculation makes my penis hurt more for about 12 hours.
-Urethra gets enflamed and red randomly throughout day, but sometimes looks completely normal.
-Pain is generally much better in morning and gets worse throughout the day.
-Pain is worse after urination but not during urination.
-Penis shaft is sore to the touch, almost impossible to have sex or masterbait
-Developed white skin spots on penis head about 3 months ago. It shows sometimes very clearly and other times it is hard to see.
-Pain in base of right testicle that is there most of the time. Gets worse sometimes with bowel movement.

Went to urologist and he said no infection would persist after antibiotics given so nothing he can do... told me to try ibuprofen 3 times a day for 3 weeks, it did nothing. He put me on alpha blocker (alfuzosin) 2 weeks ago and it has done nothing.

Pics of enflamed urethra and white spot on penis head in my profile.

I retested for all common STDs at 12 weeks and was negative for everything (HIV, HSV-1, HSV-2, gonorrhea, chlamydia, Syphilis, and trich).  

Is this a yeast infection?  Or is this some uncommon STD that my GP and Urologist can't identify?  Should I go to an STD clinic?
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Okay thanks for the reply Grace.  
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we never recommend posting pictures of genitals to the internet. this site is open to anyone 13 and over. I don't know about you but the thought of youngsters seeing my goodies is disturbing.

nothing you have described sounds like a std going on.

Chronic prostatitis can be hard to get under control once the pain cycle is stimulated. Continue to follow up with your urologist as symptoms persist. Avoid caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol too since they can exacerbate symptoms.  If you look through the std experts forum, Dr Handsfield has links to info on CPP syndrome.

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