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Unsure if I have STI or something else

5 months ago I had unprotected oral sex with a woman. I was immediately nervous because I had previously been in a LTR and unexposed to STI. Not long after I noticed a slight tingling at the above the base of my penis, abdominal area, and my foreskin may have been a bit inflamed, but neither were major so I chalked it up to nerves.

4 months later I noticed while masturbating that my penis was a bit swollen. Not much but noticeable. Along with that, my right hip felt like I had fallen down on it. The following morning I felt pain on my anus.

A few days later I developed urethritis symptoms. I felt slight burning/pain in my urethra, along with a constant urge to urinate. Head of penis and foreskin area burnedThis discomfort was relieved as I urinated, but would soon return. I was attempting to urinate when I didn’t have to, and going every hour or two (obviously low volume).

I went to urgent care concerned about chlamydia/gonorrhea. I had no drip or discharge by the way. Doc suspected UTI, not STI, and prescribed 7 days of cipro twice a day. Also sent off urine culture and urine Gon/Chla tests. My symptoms at that point included constipation and what I believe may be hemmoroids.

3 days into antibiotics Urine culture came back first, negative. I started to feel better when I read that but a few hours later I realized gonorrhea/chlamydia results were still coming so I got stressed, symptoms came back. I noticed symptoms got worse when I read about possible causes online. That night the STI results came back negative. But I was worried about false neg because I urinated an hour before sample. Symptoms persisted through course of antibiotics.

But then I noticed my pelvic floor was clenched tight, and if I focused on relaxing, symptoms subsided and eventually went away. The only symptom that persists is mild testicular discomfort, particularly in my left side were I have a varicose vein (for decades).I was highly stressed that I infected my current partner so it was 10 days of high stress, tightened muscles, pacing and loss of appetite. I went from 220+ to 209lbs in that time.

I went to a doc to get full STI test for peace of mind. Lymph nodes on neck were normal. STI panel came back negative. Blood work had some red flags. I fasted, and my results had the following out of range: Glucose 107, Albumin 5.1, A/G ratio 2.7, bilirubin total 1.3, hematocrit 52.3. The nurse also commented that I had thick blood when she drew it.

I have night sweats, not constantly, and not drenching sheets. But head and torso sweaty. General muscle pain in legs and hip is a bit sore today. I don’t like direct sunlight, though it doesn’t make me sick or give me pain. Unsure if I’m fixating on that due to stuff I read online

I realize I tested neg for STI but am worried that I could have been infected through bloodstream (had friction on penis) and have a systemic infection. Or, something they didnt look for like staph or strep.

39 years old, pretty good shape. I was told I have a ‘malrotated kidney’ when I was in my teens. I do drink.

Any insight?
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I agree with Dave - nothing here is indicating an STD.

Your blood test results should be discussed with your doctor. They aren't related to STDs.

There is no such thing as a systemic infection through the bloodstream. Gonorrhea and chlamydia enter the urethra.

Have you considered that this is not at all related to the unprotected oral you got, and that maybe it's something structural, along the lines of the varicose vein or prostatitis, etc? You should see a urologist.
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It’s a new doctor (who I only met once), and i haven’t been able to get her to explain my results unfortunately. I was unsure whether or not the flagged results were serious or not.

I have an appointment with a urologist in a few weeks. I felt safe regarding the STI until I started to get sweats in the middle of the night. I did notice that when I get sweats, my veins appear much more prominant, even swollen. In my hands wrists etc.

I agree it could be structural or something else equally concerning.  Hope to find out ASAP
Night sweats could be from stress. When you asked about all these things before, we talked about anxiety, and that all your testing proved it wasn't an STD.

Not everything is "concerning" - some things are really easy to fix. It's not always serious or cause for alarm.

Call the doctor who did the testing and ask for a call back to go over your results or make an appt.
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Hi everything you wrote is a strong indication of anxiety from the oral act. all you tests show negative and getting any std from oral sex is highly unlikely anyway.  You might want to seek some professional consuling to get your life back on track.
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