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Vaginal fluids and touching penis

If someone got a little bit of vaginal fluids on the head of their penis; like their penis touched some of the fluids by accident will they get a std like gonorrhea or trichomoniasis?
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I realize you're are asking for the guy's information, but if you happen to know the woman and she is not on birth control, you might tell her that there is also a slight risk of pregnancy this way. It is not a big risk, but she should watch and if her period doesn't come, take a pregnancy test.
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There was no precum or anything and she's on bc
If she's on the pill it won't be any risk, then.

About your comment "there was no precum or anything" -- there will often or almost always be pre-ejaculatory fluid if the guy is erect. (It doesn't sound like you're saying he was flaccid.) It is not very noticeable, and can just be a little bit oozing out of the urethra. The odds are slim of pre-ejaculate causing a pregnancy -- for one thing, it doesn't always contain sperm (it depends on how recently the man last ejaculated). But with bare contact of the genitals (even though not insertion) and if there are fluids from both people, there can be an opportunity for sperm to swim up into the woman's cervical mucus, and in. (A lot more would have to fall right for a pregnancy to result, including it being at the time of the month when her cervical mucus is the most thick and slippery.) But couples not interested in getting pregnant are advised to avoid uncovered genital contact for that reason along with others.

Anyway, it doesn't matter in this instance. The woman took her precautions,  momentary contact of this type would not easily produce a pregnancy, and (as the others here say), it doesn't sound like there's any risk of an STD. I'm just sayin', never assume "no precum" if the guy has an erection.
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Are you male or female?  Did this happen to you?  Chlamydia and gonorrhea can be spread through vaginal fluid, yes.  Trich is a parasite that can be spread through vaginal fluid as well.  
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Im female but this happened with a friend while having a 3 way. I know fluids can be carry STDs but im wondering if some may have got on the head when she was wet and dancing on him. He jumped up when he noticed it.should he be tested
Her stats are unknown to us but everything else was protected
Brief contact isn't going to result in transmission. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and trich are transmitted by penetration - the bacteria has to enter the urethra. Other STDs that are transmitted by direct skin to skin contact - herpes, hpv and syphilis - need some friction to transmit, and won't transmit from a very brief touch.

He can test if it makes everyone more comfortable, but it's for peace of mind, not because he needs to. There is no risk here. If it were me, I wouldn't worry about this at all.
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