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What are the chances I caught STD/STI?

So, I made a stupid mistake and had a sex with escort. It was protected with condom. Even oral was protected. However, I am fully aware that syphilis will spread skin to skin contact and this is my main worry. I will get tested but I need to wait few weeks for it to be accurate. Meanwhile I'm panicking and worrying. Also, I'm not sure if my penis touched outside condom when condom was removed. it might have been possible.

Also 24 hours I developed couple of red lumps in the groin area which also made me worried.
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I agree with GuitarRox, and syphilis is fairly uncommon in most developed countries. You had protected everything, and keep in mind that most escorts do that to protect themselves, not you, so chances are good that she doesn't have syphilis either.

To get syphilis, your body needs to come into direct contact with a syphilis sore. Did you notice one on her where the condom wouldn't protect you from?

If you have red lumps, it's not an STD, but you should get that checked.
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You had about the safest sex you can have with protected vaginal and oral.  Glad you did that.  True, skin to skin poses small risk.  But symptoms would not show up in 24 hour, that's too soon.  This does not sound to be std related.  If you feel you have symptoms, that is when it's appropriate to test.  In the abscense of symptoms, you wouldn't need to test for this exposure.
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