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Worried about oral causing an infection

I had unprotected Oral back in January. I had a strange sensation after peeing a couple of weeks later. I also had a urine test after 20 days and came back negative for chlamydia and gonorrhoea. I then had a couple of months with no symptoms. The last few weeks I’ve had an ache in my right testicle and I feel my penis is wet.
Any advise? Was 20 days enough time for a reliable test ?
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Did you give or receive oral, or both? If you gave, was it on a penis or vagina?

Yes, if you received oral, your results at 20 days are accurate. Have you seen a doctor about your ache? That's far more concerning than the wet feeling. How old are you?

An ache in your testicle can be anything from a varicocele, which is an enlarged vein and common, or epididymitis to an injury to cancer.

You should definitely get it checked out. Don't be alarmed, as it may be nothing serious, but get it checked.  
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It was oral being received
Okay, then if you are still feeling an ache in your testicle, definitely get it checked out. It's probably not an STD, but it's important enough to make the time to get checked.
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