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concerns for my baby

my ex called me a few days ago to tell me she has chlamydia. I went to get tested today, I only did a urine test, syphilis blood test and an HIV test. They gave me antibiotics for being exposed and that should take care of it even if the test results come back positive or negative for chlamydia. it didn't occur to me to ask about throat chlamydia. my concern is that I have an 8month old baby and I chew up food for her to eat and I am afraid that I could possibly transmit throat chlamydia to my baby. it is the weekend and I don't know who to go to for answers I can't find any articles that talks about this situation. I don't want to alarm my child's mother if I don't have to due to the fact we are not on best terms due to pending custody battle but I will informer her if it is a real concern.
I am I being overly paranoid or am I justified to have this concern?
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this is a relief. thank u.
my daughter eats organic baby food...the only times I feed her by mouth is when we are at a restaurant and I want her to try new foods and sometimes fork and knife don't do the trick. i only give her tiny amounts as just to taste. so far she has no known allergies and I keep track of what she eats. baby mama on the other hand feeds her by mouth all the time...

I do plan on getting further tested I just wanted to get some antibiotics for now. I just wanted to know if it was a risk to my daughter.  
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you were treated with antibiotics which will cover throat infections of chlamydia if indeed you do have it.  you aren't likely to transmit an oral std through saliva to another through food sharing.

the nurse in me can't resist pointing out that you should never be pre-chewing food for your child. That is a good way to transmit all sorts of diseases to a child!! If you are feeding table foods to save money on baby food, buy a food processor or a food mill to properly do it. Babies have immature immune systems and can't fight off germs as well as adults can. Your saliva is filled with germs like the common cold and the flu as well as diarrhea/vomit viruses that can be easily transmitted to your baby by chewing up food for her.

Since this is an ex partner, you should also consider herpes igg blood testing 3 months after you last had sexual contact also to cover all your bases before moving on to a new partner.
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