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gonorrhea itch never went away plus a cough

I would like to start by saying I've had either chlamydia or gonorrhea two times previous to this experience. 10 years prior and 7 years prior. The reason I do not know which I had was because the doctor gave me 1 plus I think 2 or 4 pills each time, making my symptoms go away, and I never followed up on which std I had.

About 3 years ago, I got gonorrhea. It started normal. With a tingling feeling in my penis followed by an itch, then a burning sensation when I urinate. I then went to the doctor and got meds like usual. This time though, after my initial 1+4 pills I received from the doctor, I started to feel the burning go away, but it didn't fully go away and started to come back slowly. 5 to 7 days later it was at full strength apl I went back to the doctor, and he game me the same round of meds, plus an injection. The symptoms went away this time, but 2 weeks later, I started to get the tingling sensation in my urethra and tip of my penis around the opening of the hole. After the tingling, a light itch would occur throughout the day. This light itch feels like the beginning stages of gonorrhea. That's the only way I can think to describe it. It has never gone past this stage though. I went back to the doctor to get tested and he said I'm fine. Std free. I started to get a feeling that my throat is covered in something. I wouldn't call it a sore throat, just a feeling that maybe it's enlarged? Or it is coated in something, and the swallowing motion will push it down, but as soon as I swallow, that feeling comes back. I have also been coughing randomly throughout the day. Especially at night. It's a dry hacking cough that will wake me up. I've had 3 relationships in the last 3 years. Each woman has caught this cough. They cough throughout the day, especially at night. I have gone back to the doctor to check for std 2 more times. Different doctors because I feel like I still have something that's contagious, but both times they have said I am std free and it's in my head.

so for the last 3 years, I've had this cough that won't go away that I also seem to pass to anyone I have unprotected sex with. As well as an itch in my urethra and opening hole of my penis. The itch is not constant. It will go away when I scratch It and come back randomly throughout the day. I will squeeze the shaft and go up and down to releive the itch or pinch the tip of my penis and do the same. I have noticed the itching is becoming more frequent.
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The only thing I want to check on is when you went for testing and the doctor said you were STD free, did you actually test, or did the doctor look at you say you were STD free?

Grobick is correct - coughing isn't associated with an STD, even if you had it orally. There may be something happening with you - mold in your house, dust mites in your pillows - that is causing both you and your partners to cough, but it isn't an STD.
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There are two things that can be said for sure.
1. Cough is not related to any STI.
2. Cough is not transmitted through unprotected sex. It can be trasmitted during sexual contact through air, but it has nothing to do with sex.
So, cough and urethral symptoms are two different matters.
Since you were treated for gono and chlamydia and got tested to confirm you are STI free, it is safe to assume your penis issues are not caused by those infections.
You see, our urethra is something like our guts, its walls are full of various bacteria. Sometimes that bacterial balance gets upset and here we go, itching, burning and red penis tip. It often happens because of overheating, dehydration, medication and even stress. Many people who never had sex may have slightly inflamed urethras, it is not a big deal. Just like with our guts, we don't always have perfect stools, right?
I wouldn't worry about urethral itching. Persistent dry cough that wakes you at night is not a little thing. I strongly suggest you see a doctor about this, and, if necessary, get a pulmonologist consult.
Whatever condition you have is outside STI field. You are too focused on STIs and that might lead to missing something really important.
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