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please help me figure out what std i have

I know I have a std & have had it for years but every time I see my doctors, gyno they test me for all the basic stuff & treat me like its all in my head.

I was not with anyone sexually for years than when I was I started getting all the symptoms that were defiantly a std. Itching a lot in my vagina & anus, discharge for vag a lot & even seems to be from anus. irritation in both almost like a tingling or somthing just feels weird.

I can tell both get inflamed at times. now because I have had it for so long it is really starting to affect my health. Eyes are blurry, feel like i could pass out some days especially during or after a shower.

Headaches, the inside of my body feeling hot, waking up feeling extremely hot & sweating, restless at night, waking up a few times for no reason. I know its affecting my body & has worn down my immune system that I felt so sick & could barely do anything, didn't even wanna get out of bed, fatigue & just weak & them started to feel the tingling sensation in my back, mostly my spine & some in my legs & some in my chest & head, my head also just feels weird sometimes & I get confused & have brain fog a lot.

Muscle spasms in my legs. My body itches & have now developed at rash on my back leg near my butt that is about 8 round bumps that looked welted at first than just became red very itchy, another rash on my side but that one is in a straight line but red. I had started to take some zinc & d3 vitamins & got my body feeling better thankfully & that was able to suppress the tingling in my back mostly but I still feel it in my vag & anus with lots of itching still.

Like I said I've been tested for the basic std plus syphilis, HIV, hepatitis & I did ask myself to be tested for mycoplasma genitalium & all my test have been negative including ova & parasite test on my stool samples.

This is driving me crazy because they can't figure it out. I've gone to my doctor, a few different gyno's, planned parenthood, urgent treatment & the hospital & no one can find anything. Anytime I am on antibiotic's I feel great & feels like the infection is going away but then when I stop taking them it comes back with a vengeance & my stomach hurts & pains on my side.

My lab work shows different thing going one, things that should be negative are showing traces of stuff, so I know whatever this is is starting to affect my kidneys & liver. They found trace amounts of leukocytes in my stool & I think it was like 25 in my urine before but the weird thing is it doesn't always show anything so they only get to see sometimes my body is fighting off a infection & then they act like it's no big deal.

Oh & when the do visual inspection they don't see anything on my anus or vag except my gyno has seen the inflammation before but as always they act like it's no big deal & explain it away. I feel like if they don't figure out what's wrong with me soon it's going to do damage to my body that can't later be fixed, I know std if not treated early can do lasting damage & I've been dealing with this for at least 5 maybe 6 years. Can anyone please help me figure out what this is or any suggestion's of std's to test for that would be great, thanks.  
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There is no STD that would give you full body symptoms like this, and you've tested negative for everything.

I would wonder if you've been tested for Lyme Disease, CMV, had any autoimmune testing done. I would also suggest going to a local hardware store and getting a cheap mold testing kit and testing your house for mold. It's not as accurate as getting a professional in there, but it's a great place to start, and if it's positive, then you can get a pro in to test.

Consider allergic reactions, too. Vaginal and anal symptoms might be an allergic reaction to laundry detergent, bath or body wash, bubble bath, toilet paper, underwear, pajama material, etc. Think of every single thing that comes into contact with the area, and try eliminating one thing at a time. I'd switch to scent and dye free laundry detergent first - that's a common culprit. If you douche, stop doing that immediately. Use a gentle, non-scented soap in the area - your vagina doesn't need to smell like wild flowers. :)

Instead of focusing on STDs, broaden your focus. You aren't helping yourself by doing that. It could also be multiple things happening at once - mold and allergic reactions, or Lyme and side effects to a medication you're taking. If you're on any meds, research all of them for side effects.

I understand why you'd think STD, since it's genital symptoms, but tests have proven that you don't have any.
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Thanks for the advice but I know it's a STD i have felt it in my body ever since I has sexual relations. I feel it in the vag area & anus every single day, it itches & is irritated & just feels weird. I think my body was able to fight is for the most part but now it's getting the better of it, I think that's why the symptoms are getting worse & worse. It only started out with itching & irritation besides feeling really bad right after I caught it, just feeling sick & my stomach hurting. several std's can eventually cause some of my symptoms because if they aren't treated they damage your body, blurry vision is one thing that can happen, headaches, fatigue, muscle aches. Of course if they are treated early they won't cause all these problems but i've spent years trying to figure out what this is so of course it would cause more & more problems. I can tell you it's not from detergents or soaps or anything like that I have very sensitive skin & have always had to use the same unscented stuff to make sure I don't have any issues with that. It's not lyme  disease I don't have any of those symptoms & it's not mold I moved from a house that had mold over 3 years ago & i'm extra careful about that these days so there is no mold here & if there were my young daughter would be extremely sick cause thats what happened to her before she stayed sick until we moved when I figured out it was mold cause she is allergic to it. I don't douche they say thats bad your body cleans itself. I would love to think it is something else but I'm 100% sure it is a std or something that is spread sexually. They say in the cdc there are 30 plus std's & i'm being checked for like 3 every time, gon, clam, & trich, just because it's not one of those doesn't mean it's not something else but these doctors don't have a clue unless it shows up on a test it's ridiculous, at least give me other test, I've been looking it up myself & didn't even realize there are 4 kinds of std's, viral, bacteria, parasitic, & fungal so I'm trying to figure out others to be tested for. I kept trying to be tested for the MG but the gyno said she tested but didn't so I had to get my doctor to test & she only did the urine test not swab & it says those test can give false negatives since those tests haven't been out long, I think they only started considering it a std since 2015 or someting even though they have knows about it since the 80's. Also you can test negative for stuff like parasites but still have them, says so on my lab results & the doctor said they tested me for every single type of parasite yet on the results it list 3 different ones that was excluded so clearly they just tell you want sounds good to them while I suffer & they act like I'm fine. so many people suffer with stuff all the time & can't get a doctor to make a right diagnosis until it's cause so much damage. have you ever seen that show about foreign things inside of the body that people spend years trying to get a doctor to tell them whats going on, I think it's called monsters inside me or something like that but people spend years trying to get answers & thats what I feel like. I'm just so tired of dealing with it, I know it's getting worse & that scares me, people shouldn't have tingling in their spine all over & if I hadn't started the zinc & d3 to build my immune system back up than I would still be going through that & i still feel it a little but no were near how it was & that was a horrible feeling like you'd rather be dead than feeling that horrible all the time. I just wish someone could give me some advice that it could actually be so I could test for that. Thanks for the response.
Don't claim to know, we're not doctors here, but this sounds like a yeast infection that wasn't detected or treated and got out of control, or something like that, not an STD, which tests should pick up.  I know you believe you know it's an STD, and maybe you're right, sometimes there are things docs have a very hard time finding, but your symptoms don't match STDs really but they fit a systemic yeast infection pretty closely.  But again, I'm not a doctor.  Your view of doctors is unrealistic, though.  If a test doesn't pick up something we have really good tests for, what's a doc to do?  You just have to assume it's something docs are more frequently not finding in people until you find a better doc.
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