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6 stitches after giving birth

I had my baby 3 days ago and I ripped really bad thanks to the doctor who helped me give birth and I have 6 stitches and I was curious will my sex life be the same will it hurt after I'm able to or will I just not feel anything
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Aaawww!  I don't think your doctor was a butcher.  Sometimes birth requires epesiotomy, or 'ripping".  It's not abnormal.  Once you heal fully, you will be able to enjoy sex just as you did before pregnancy.  Please do not have sex until your doctor okays it.  Blessings to you and your newborn life! - Blu
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I agree with BluCrystal. You really should not have intercourse until after your 6 week checkup and you get the okay from your Dr. You body really needs that amount of time to heal.
Yes, it's very common to need stitches after giving birth. Your incision should be healed completely within 6 weeks.  
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Well, your body will heal but my friend said after outa does sex still may hurt, just depends.
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