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I have been experiencing leaking "water" in the mornings and it seems to always happen the morning after we have sex. I know it is not pee, it is coming from my vagina and it the consistency of water with no odor. Any ideas what this could be? There are times that it's to the point that I need to change my underwear. Help!
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If pelvic floor is weak, it vagina may leak fluid. to Strengthen pelvic floor a female can do kegel exercise. google kegel exercise and learn the details. If the exercise resonate with you, you may try for a month. Dr. Kegel has devised this exercise, hence its name is kegel exercise.
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Hi:  Most likely, it is just a mixture of now-liquified remaining seminal fluid and perhaps some of your fluids.  This is perfectly normal.  Hope this helps!
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Could it be semen, if you are not using a condom? Or simply vaginal lubrication due to arousal response. Tricamonis will give a clear discharge but that would not be related to intercourse time.
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