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Mastrbation regret?

I am 27 years old and I have been masturbating since 15 at least one time per day. Currently I am struggling to stop it. I usually do it when I see porn, erotic images on the internet.I can't stop the seeing internet 'cus it is part of my life
I work as software engineer i have to search ,ask questions I don't understand on the internet. My question is why do our mind triggered to do it,why do I regret when I did it? I feel shame to play with girls even it is hard for me to have a girl friend. I am gentle boy , good looking and fun but this addition is trying to kill me.
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My husband started at 10 and didn't stop till I divorced him when he was 30 because he was doing it multiple times a day and lying to me. He was consumed by it. We where told we had a 10% chance of getting pregnant and now that he stopped we got remarried and pregnant right away. Don't let it take over you. It's like any other addiction you have to want to stop it to actually stop.
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Since you work in the computer field, get away from the computer in your off time.  Try to at least spend some time out with others in group situations involving hobbies, sports, or other interests.  Think of things that interest you.  where you could join a group.  That way, you can get away from the porn and into the real world, building friendships along with activities.  
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To divert your mind do the different activities as suggested by Yardbull. Sexual energy is a powerful energy. Energy cannot be supressed, it should be diverted to another energy.This can be done by circulating sexual urge around microcosmic orbit. Google microcosmic orbit. Another technique is abdominal breathing. Few slow, deep and even abdominal breath will convert this energy into mental energy.Google abdominal energy.Counting backwards can also help you to divert your mind. If you slipped some times in masturbating do it properly following the tips.;Masturbate with lubricated hand, Do not stop breathing while mbing., empty your bladder before mb. Do not do it a prone position, Do not hurry, Do not masturbate when you are excessivelly aroused.Masturbation is a natural habit, if done in limit and in a proper manner.
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thanks for your help.
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thanks all !  It has been a lot of pain depression. i am currently studying positive psychology on my own to fight. How I be honestly recognize with the negative emotions I have currently be fight to them like addition to MB.
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