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Nothing's fun. Is this why?

I apologize if I'm using MedHelp wrong, I'm still pretty new.

I'm a 14 year old boy that's been addicted to masturbating since 11, so it's been 3 years. I ejaculate at least once a day. About a year in, I noticed that the things I used to love became boring chores. Games, watching videos and movies, art and cooking, and much more, all became pretty boring. And I only find masturbation satisfying now, but even masturbation is not as mind-blowingly amazing as it used to be. And whenever I masturbate I feel sad. On top of this, I'm always tired and exhausted (I used to be incredibly energetic and full of life, even if I didn't get much sleep.) I can't focus. I can't remember things, and I always forget things incredibly easily (I used to have fantastic memory.) I often feel fuzzy, dizzy, foggy, and lightheaded. It's brain fog, I guess.

I've heard that masturbating too much can cause hormonal imbalance, which then causes all the aforementioned effects. Is masturbation the issue here? I think so, but I'm not sure.  If I were to stop masturbating for a time, would I recover? Would the despair and sadness go away? Would I be able to enjoy sexual stuff again, without the anguish? Because whenever I masturbate, and especially when I ejaculate, I feel a deep, dark anguish and despair. I wanna enjoy myself without the darkness. I fear I may never recover.
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So first, let me say that masturbation doesn't affect hormone levels, at least long term.


In the short term, masturbation may mildly affect your testosterone levels, but not enough to do anything, either good or bad.

Masturbating once a day isn't actually unusual, either. Doing it more than that isn't either, so long as it's not affecting or interfering with your daily activities, like school, homework, and other things that you're involved with.

Are you doing it in proper places at proper times? If you are doing at home in your bedroom or whatnot, and aren't doing it in front of people who haven't consented to watching you, that's fine.

If you haven't experienced negative consequences and are still continuing, it's fine.

Masturbation has actual health benefits - it can relieve stress, help you sleep better, boost your mood, and for men, regular ejaculation (about 21 times a month) can help prevent prostate cancer.

If you are experiencing brain fog, fatigue, dizziness, forgetfulness - those are being caused by something else. Masturbation shouldn't cause anguish and darkness. Do you feel guilty because you do this? Without getting into religious stuff, I'll just say that medically, it's a very normal thing to do.

So your symptoms - are you dehydrated? Eating well? Sleeping well? How's your mental health otherwise?

You seem to worry a lot, based on your other posts. Is this because you have no one to talk to about these things, or just because you worry?

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I used to feel no guilt, I just enjoyed myself. And I'm not at all religious or anything. I know it's normal, yet I just feel guilt and anguish. I drink a lot of water, I eat well, but I guess I'm really anxious ever since quarantine due to various reasons.
And the more I masturbate, the more I feel the fun and passion and love in my life fade away.
Could it be that it's not masturbation that is causing the fun and passion to fade away? Could you have some depression and anxiety? The pandemic has caused a lot of mental health issues in a lot of people, but especially in younger people.

Do you have an adult that's safe to talk to? You don't need to talk to them about masturbation, but just let them know overall how you're feeling, and that maybe counseling might be something you need? Does your school offer counseling, if you're not doing school at home?

What happens if you stop masturbating? Or decreased the number of times you do? It's making you sad, so maybe try that and see if it helps? If it doesn't, maybe it isn't the masturbation, but something else.

Have you had covid? A new study shows that people who've had covid have a high chance of struggling with mental health after the infection, even if they had no struggles with it prior to the infection.

It's probably the masturbation. I've tried to stop before, but it's an addiction so it's not easy. But when I stopped for  little while, I felt more joy. I think I'll feel better if I stop for a while. maybe 6 months at least. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.
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Oh, and would the masturbation be as mind-blowingly, insanely amazing as it used to be?
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