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Extreme Fatique even after 8 hours of sleep...What can I do?

I wake up and feel like I never slept at all. I am extremely tired all day long.
I have sleep apnea and sleep with a Bi-Pap machine at settings of 15/11.

I do have other health issues...2 mechanical heart valves, PAD coil, Type II diabetes, Celiac/Sprue, Asthma.
I take medication for all problems. I have been to many doctors and I cannot get an answer and have had no help.
I have one other issue...after each meal my stomach gets very bloated, hurts, and suffer other embarrising GI problems. I saw a Gastroentrologist and he did not even answer my questions. I have seen my family physician and he to did not answer any of my questions. I am scheduled to see a new Family Physician in 2 days and will see it I can get any answers.  If anyone has any suggestons, they would be greatly appreciated. I do not even know what to search for if I try to do research on the internet myself. I do wonder if all my health issues and the medications I am on are the culprits for my fatique issues.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
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