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How to fall asleep?

Can somebody recommend any remedies/techniques/medication that are not commonly discussed? I have a sleep disorder and often it takes me the whole night to fall asleep. This makes my life difficult because I only wake up around 2pm. I tried acupressure, breathing techniques, biscuits with milk, nytol herbal tablets, valerian root extract, bromazepam (to reduce anxiety before sleeping), camomile and many other night teas, exercising and massage. Nothing helps. I have tachycardia (rapid pulse) with no medical reason found, so it makes it even more tiring. I am 20 years old and I don't want to start taking any strong medication since this age. Herbal sleeping pills cause hallucinations, cause headache the following day and stop working after some time for me, so I don't think that any pills is an option... Please help
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Check your vitamin D levels with 25OH vitamin D blood test. Low D and low magnesium cause cause insomnia, anxiety, depression, rapid heart beat, etc.

You want you D levels above 50ng/mL. You can supplement with D3 and magnesium.
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