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Lack of Energy, Help me, please

I need help. I don't know what to do. My doctors do not help me.
I'm suffering from sleep issues—also, hormones disturbances. I'm on supplements. I tried CPAP, but it did not help.

I now lack energy. It affects my work. I need to restore my life.

What to do?
Are there any supplements that could give me energy and make me awake?

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Five years ago I was also facing sleep issues and breathing problems along it. After the detailed examination, the doctor advised me to use a CPAP machine because I was suffering from sleep apnea. Initially, when I wear a CPAP mask it was a horrible experience. I was suffocating and not able to sleep a bit. This started affecting my mental stability and I stopped using it. But nothing changed. So my doctor advised me to start it again and to have more patience. Ater a few months I got adjusted to the machine and now I'm able to sleep.
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Top 8 Power Boosters

Increase Your Magnesium Diet. ...
Go around the Block. ...
Take Power Nap. ...
Don’t skip breakfast - or any other meal. ...
Reduce Stress and Deal With Anger. ...
Drink plenty of water and a little alcohol. ...
Eat whole grains and low sugar. ...
Have a Power Snack.
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Supplements won't fix this unless you know you have a specific deficiency of some sort.  Ask for a referral to an MD who specializes in sleep.
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