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Having a hard time today. Cravings out weighing reasons for quit. I refer to my list of reasons I'm a non smoker yet I need to reach out for help. My body is just upset because it isn't getting what it wants URG!!!!
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Ah, that's what I was going to suggest - go to whyquit, but I just read your hurting so sitting is painful.  Can you bundle up and go for a walk?..not to the liquor store either, lol.  This is all about Fridays incident.  God Grant Me The Serenity!  Say it.  As Kathy said, YOU are in control, El.  This is just a moment you're having after bad day/week at work.  What you're feeling is normal and will pass - we are just so used to using smoking to cope.  It's tension you're feeling so cry or scream into a pillow - the screaming works really well, btw.  Something I did at beginning of quit is use a straw to simulate inhaling. Not quite the same, but worked.  Call a friend - you have a lifeline, yes?  Smoking will do nothing but make you feel guilty and hurt your lungs.  You won't even feel better, just anxious for the next one.  

Hang tight, El.  You can do this. You are in control of you!!!
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El, by the time to finished typing the message your crave should have passed. If it didn't or hasn't, you need to do some reading. What was the trigger? How can you prevent it from happening. What is a healthy solution to the matter(s).
Remember who is in control! You have the power so don't be afraid to use it sweetie, you can do this!!!
Take a walk, take some deep breaths, keep your mind on positive things! You are an ex-smoker now and fully in control of your life!
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One more thing ~ my mind is suggesting that I run to the store, pick up my drug, and hide my use of this drug. This thinking is what gets me into trouble when I've quit before. I want to live my non smoking life for today :)
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Your mind is playing tricks on you, El.  You need to find something else to focus on to eliminate the repetitive thoughts.  Take a deep breath - in through your nose, out through your mouth.  You're all tensed and ready for flight.  Breathe - right now and keep talking.
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The intense craving has subsided, finally. I am so appreciative of all the support I get here. Deep breathing, thinking of feelings that come with using, reading My Cigarette My Friend and list of why I'm a non smoker. I'm going to take a short nap before dinner. My trigger ~ incident at work on Friday and thinking about what might happen at work tomorrow AND cleaning my house (reward system). My short nap will be my reward for now. My diet has changed so much I don't have junk to eat. Good thing, not so good thing????
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How does one select more than one "best answer"? Can't best be more than one??? I'm still learning and just realized the answer to my own question :)
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I'm happy to hear that it has passed and you are feeling better El.
We are all creatures of habit...when the going gets tough, we want to smoke. How long have we been doing it? Well, long enough for it to become the solution to our answers. Trying to undo the learned behavior is tough, but once you figure out your triggers and deal with them, one by one, it becomes that much easier.
Work and other stressers, well try to deal with them as they come...don't anticipate it. That's surely a recipe for disaster.
Congrats on all your good work. Stay strong and know that you have many who support you!
Hang tough!
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You got over one bad one means you can get over another and so on and so on, tomorrow I will be in the same boat. My Cigarette My Friend?? Where did you get this book? Why Quit has this countdown feature that adds up your days quit, your cigarettes not smoked, your $ saved, I just can't find where they are finding it, can anyone help with this??
You can do this El, Good work so far! Hang in brother!
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aheart, My Cigarette My Friend is an article at whyquit.com.  But wow, the page I used to go to doesn't look the same now  - the site looks massively complicated.  Just type in the site and gosh, click on the first one that comes up and...you know, you might see something different than I do so, KATHY JO!!! - Can you help out here? LOL.

what I Can tell you, aheart, is once you get to the site and find the meters, there are several offered and up to you, but the one Kathy and I use is the Quit Time, one.  It seems to look the...prettiest?  I don't know - I've seen others flashed and I just liked Kathy's the best so chose the same one.  

Good Luck!
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Yes, whyquit went under a transformation of sorts but everything is still there thankfully!
Here is where my favorite article can be found : )
http://whyquit.com/, middle column: EDUCATION, 2nd grouping: Highlight Stop Smoking Articles, first one is "My Cigarette, My Friend."

The meter can be found in the 3rd column "SUPPORT", 4th grouping, last in the group.

Good luck!
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Thanks for your help!  Transformation?  To say the least, lol...
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