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failed back syndrome

Hi everyone
A couple of months ago i posted some info about myself.Now I have a proper term
for my condition. The doctors dont want to do much for me,had ct scan,and myeleogram
It did show mild disc bulge and bone spurs.
They wanted to implant a stimulator which would not have done much for me.My issue
is with the cervical spine: I had 2 surgeries and they were not successful.I am termed as
failed back syndrome
I am under pain management care now.Most they could do is have me continue the Percocet
I could do a shot but there is a slight chance it would help.I have very severe back and neck pain
radiating down my arm and it is getting worse
I was taken into the hospital one night with rapid and irregular  heartbeat.I had blood work,chest x ray
and ekg-no heart problem.I have anxiety which pain management told me happens in 70% of chronic
pain patients.My dr pescribed zanax which does help at times
Question--where do I go from here?does anyone have any experience like this? do i change
pain management dr or do i see a neurologist? I would like very much for any one in a similiar
situation to respond
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  Hi...if I am understanding u....the Drs have termed u failed back as a result of.....? what  a surgery and now u have constant pain...do I have that correct?

Have they tried PT along with PM?...are u on anti inflammitory meds and or foods to help with the issue?
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nothing but the Percocet.PT is not good for me-thats what aggravated the condition to begin with.I  feel that there is something else going on,the pain is just getting worse-thats why i am reaching out

Thanks for being there
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  But did u have a surgery b4 is what I am trying to clarify?.....
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i had 2 cervical spine surgeries .
first was to repair a herniated disc
second was  for  pseudoarthrosis
that was about a year and a half after first one
Hope this will give you some idea of my condition

Thanks again
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  HI yes, u had back surgery that failed, how long ago, and may I ask do u know what all they did?

I know they made great strides in repairing disks and can even replace the  padding btwn them....all synthetic of course...but, it  is supposed to be very helpful so I wondered how long ago and if   this was the type surgery u had....

Also have they suggested PT for u?
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my first surgery was in June 2008
It was to repair a herniated disc levels 5-7
I did PT on that and i never felt better
The neuro  finally did a CT and its showed that one
disc did not heal-psuedoarthrosis
So I found another surgeon-an ortopedic surgeon
specializing in spine and he did a front and back-
meaning he repaired the problem,grafted bone from my hip
just to be sure that it would not be a problem ,new screws.plate.
and rod
Pain did not get better. i did PT which nearly killed me,every
time I finished a session I felt like passing out
The Dr sent me to pain management,did a shot which was good as long
as I was still numbed.
Found new neuro sent me for myleogram--nothing wrong
just some bone spurs and bulging disc
Wanted me to implant a stimulator
Found new pain management  Dr
new CT scan with contrast showed basically same thing
Put me on Percocet could do shot not sure if it will work
Scary part  about all this is that the pain is getting worse
that is why I wanted to know if I should look
for a new pain management??
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  WOW, u have been thru the mill with this for sure....goodness...I know that sometimes it is the space btwn the disks that can cause the issue and that there is a new substance they use...it does not sound like u had the benefit of it....

Have u tried to got to a sports medicine place...as they treat athletes and get them back to playing condition...just a thought. Even if it is for PM it may lead to other help...so yes, look into new PM.
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thanks so much for much for commiserating with me.
least i feel like some one understands and knows what
I am going thru.
a friend of mine referred me to a new pain management  dr
who specializes in spine the, so maybe i will set up an appt
really,this is some lousy way of life!!
Thank you for being there and may you be blessed with good health!
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  Thank u and please keep me posted on how u r doing : )
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