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I need help with brain fog.

I'm 15, and about 5 months ago I've noticed that I started to have the symptoms of what I found out to be brain fog. I've only begun to find out what it actually was and what most likely caused it. I would drink about 4-5 sodas a day everyday and I've been doing this from about age 14 to about a week ago. I have quit sodas completely now, and I drink a lot of apple juice and water. I was wondering when and if it will ever go away as it is honestly making me a bit suicidal.
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Fermented sugar in the body produces alcohol  and one of the byproducts
of the liver processing the alcohol is Acetaldehyde, a toxin that gives the hangover effects after much alcohol consumption.
Look up an anticandida diet, mainly staying away from carbohydrates
(all grains, sugars, sweets , breads, pasta, sodas.dairy etc) and anything with yeast in it. Consume Coconut oil (it is anti-fungal and candida is a fungal/yeast overgrowth infectious condition) up to 4T daily, but start with 1T and gradually build up to 4T daily.
Probiotics of good quality (in the high billions, multiple strain and live/needs refrigeration) will help restore your healthy gut flora.
It takes time, but you'll feel better soon and you may avoid other serious problems in the future.

I hope this helps but please note this does not constitute medical advice.

Best wishes.
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Never use artificial sweetners as they can cause this.  

Another possible culprit is iron-deficiency anemia, so you could get checked for that.  If you don't have iron in your blood your brain is robbed of oxygen.  
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