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Is pubic hair shedding and tender scalp normal?

Okay, so I've had this problem for a long time about pubic hair shedding. I often shed hair throughout my cycle and I also have very tender hair scalp but for my period the shedding stops and only the tenderness remains. I've noticed that even sometimes I feel hotter and colder than everyone else and I took a test on the internet and it said that perhaps I have a hormone shortage. This might be true because I don't have a balanced diet. I know I shouldn't rely on the internet for medical advice but I really want more help to see if this is normal or what. Please someone, anyone! Help me.
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This does happen and often times it is normal.  Hair shedding whether on your scalp or pubic area goes through a cycle and some is completely normal.  But if it is a lot and new, then talk to your doctor.  Hormone levels could be shifting, thyroid could be off, alopecia could be happening.  So, see your doctor to ask about it.  good luck
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How is your scalp?  Is this better?
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