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hi, im a 16 year old female never had any problems with my health.  its embarrassing to say when i first started high school is when i started to  notice an odor smelling like fart and sweaty butt. its weird i smell it ALL the time but my family says they've only smelt it a few times.  i really dont get why but my smell is worse at school and more people realize it every day and in every class someone says that it stinks and i hear them talking about me it got bad enough to where  my aunt just deided to start  home schooling me untill we fix the problem.  its really complicating because ive also notice for a while now that i haven't really been pooping regularly and i eat 3 times a day but about every other day or every 2 days i would poop once and it wouldn't be very much. so my aunt took me to a doctor and the doctor told me to take Miralax  but i started smelling like burnt and  feces. so when i stoped taking the miralax it went back to the same smell as before and my constipation problem was back. and then my doctor put me on Metronidazol for a while witch it didnt work. so now i have an appointment to get a colonoscopy done. i just cant ever be myself any more and all i want to do is just lock my self in my room all day and i just cant take it anymore. i was wondering if you know anything about this and if you can please help me figure out what the problem could be that  would be absolutely great thank you.
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Sorry, Butt i really caint you dint say where the odors comming from under arms vagina breath or the hole body its self???
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I have the same problem i tried many things and nothing worked even had a colonoscopy
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Stress induced flatulence. I have the same thing... Notice when you read about how many people say this problem began - most of it was during times of extreme stress. Like starting high school or a new job (or after extreme constipation). Doctors and family claim they can't smell us - because we are relaxed around them. The minute we get in school or work, we feel that stress again and it starts up the symptoms. It's a vicious cycle and we develop a social phobia out of fear of reactions - then the odor will happen in other places like restaurants, movies, etc...

If anyone's reading this and your doctor also tells you it's all in your mind. I don't think they're denying that the odor is there... but rather, the gas is happening to you when you become stressed. With anti anxiety pills maybe it will begin to go away?
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