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Plan B

I am 20 years old and had unprotected sex with my partner. It was my first time and so I was not on the pill or anything. This happened on friday night ( 22th of may) and I took the morning after pill 10 hours after that. I am so scared that I might be pregnant as I know that the morning pill prevents pregancy but not a 100%. I normally should have my period around the 31-7th this month.
What should I do? I actually feel like all there's left do is wait that my period comes around the end of the month but I'm starting to feel quite anxious about the whole situation.
Should I wait until my period come or should I buy a pregnancy test in case?
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Hi, Plan B is most effective when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. hCG is not  produced until implantation, so the best time to take a pregnancy test is seven days after ovulation.
You can visit your doctor for a blood test which is more accurate than a urine test seeing as how it picks up hCG in smaller amounts.

Next time you might consider using protection.
Your doctor will be able to tell you whether or not you are pregnant. There are also several Free clinics that could also provide pregnancy testing.

I wish you the best of luck. :)

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the best time to take a pregnancy test would be when you miss your period. your not going to get an accurate result 7 days after ovulation. sometimes it takes a few days after your missed period.

you posted further about your concern...i answered that.
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hpt taken after u miss ur periods is 100% accurate ?
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it depends on when you take it. if you take it the day you miss your period...i might be right...not always. i didnt get a postive hpt until i was like 2 weeks late and that was an ept test. i tested at like 5 days past my period with a first response which is 'said " to be the best...and that was a false negative. so you have to wait sometimes...if your late..take a test...if your still not geting your period..wait a few days and test again
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Thanks a lot for your answer. If I want to start taking the brith control pill, should I wait a little until I start taking it or it is ok to take the birth control pill withing the same week i took plan B?
I know that Plan B affects the body a lot and I have felt quite nauseous from it...
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well you would have to actually get birth control first then you can figure out when you are supposed to take it. there are different times ALL with different start dates. some you take the sunday after your last period. and im not really sure how soon that would be for you. plus the doctor might tell you a day to start and you have to have a prescription anyways and when you to the doctors to get it...tell then you took plan b and your concerned about when to start birth control. but im sure by the time you go, everything will be fine.

do know that birth controls not 100% and you need to use condoms in addition
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thnx for ur anser i m confused between spottin n periods for how long does implantation bleeding lasts. i had my period n they wer 4 six days bt the flow was lighter thn the usual  thats y i m confused if it was spotting
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well you had a period. that should answer your question right there...if it was your period...it wasnt spotting. you had a period for the right amount of time. and your flow is not always going to be the same. it does change througout the day and its not always going to be super heavy nor is it going to be super light.

you have been taking plan b and that might be cause for the slight change in your period
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Okay you did the right thing by taking the plan b right away. Make sure you follow the directions but if you do not get your period around the time that you are suppose to you need to purchase a HPT.

Side note from someone that has taken plan b. It will mess up your period.It could be heavier or lighter. When I took it my period was a few days late and it was so light it made me think i was actually preganant. It can affect you period for a couple of months. Im not sure if the package tells you all that.

Try not to get too stressed( Iknow thats easier said that done). Stress can affect your period too.
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So i'm just repyling to say that I finally got my peridos ( a week after taking the morning after pill) and its heavier than usual but other than that it looks normal. I'm really relieved but will take a pregnancy test later to make sure I am not pregnant.

I also want to point out that I knew about the plan b side effect but didnt think they would be so bad, or would last so long ( a week for me). But I'm much feeling better now. I just want thank you all for your answers, it has really helped me. It may look pointless to repyl to this topic as it is resolved. But as I was looking for answers up on forums and stuff about the morning after pill and unprotected sex, I was disappointed that some girls were asking questions about pregnancy and stuff and we didnt hear about them after that, so we did not know in the end what actually happened, if they became pregnant or not. It may sound stupid but I think it's important.

Anyways, thank you all for your support. I think I've been anxious and stressed enough this whole week that I have learnt an important lesson.
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