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Pregnancy chances

I had protected sex with my girlfriend, I did not ejaculate (this is very important) but when I was pulling out my penis, the condom slipped inside here, what is the chance of pregnancy?

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Chances of pregnancy are extremely low.  You didn't ejaculate, and any pre-ejaculate would have been in the tip of the condom rather than the top, where it could spill out.  Second, most condoms are coated with spermicide, so any fluid that touched the condom (inside or out) would have had dead sperm from contact with the condom/spermicide.
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Thank you for your reply, just to add more and I need your input:

1- Her last period started 5 May 2020 (she is recording her period), this incident happened on 25 May 2020; I know there are certain days that the ovulation occurs; my question "are we within those days or we are outside and safe?

2- As a fast remedy, since we do not have plan B - One step pill in the country we live in; she took 4 pills from Yasmin pill- (combination of Ethinyl Estradiol and Drospirenone) exactly after 30 hours from the incident followed by another 4 pills after another 8 hours, does this help?

What would be the possibility of pregnancy

1) if she is not tracking her ovaluation, it is not entirely possible to know.  She could have been within her ovulation window, realistically.

2)  Those pills will not do anything after the event.  Those pills only prevent ovulation, and they do nothing to stop pregnancy once an egg has been released.  Your girlfriend should NOT be taking those pills for that purpose and should NEVER take them that close together.  https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-21091-656/drospirenone-ethinyl-estradiol-oral/ethinyl-estradiol-drospirenone-24-4-oral/details
Please do not experiment with birth control.    

The chances of pregnancy from this event remain extremely low, for all of the reasons I mentioned in my first post.  There is not a lot I can add to that, nor can anyone give you hard numbers.
Thank you for your reply:
But for the first point, she is tracking her period very closely and the period is regular every 28 days; at least since the beginning of 2020, given this into account if the last period started on 5th May 2020 and the incident happened on 25 May 2020; then she was in her ovulation window or not?
Yes, she could have been in her ovulation window.  Probably not - she had probably already passed through her ovulation window - but no one can say with 100% certainty.
Regarding the second point, please have a look at the below links:


OK, so I stand corrected.  It's still a really bad plan for birth control and now, her period might be delayed, causing you even more anxiety and stress for a situation that was extremely low risk to begin with.

There is nothing you can do now apart from wait.  
But the links I shared with you states that the birth control pills can be used as emergency contraceptive pills and the period should be expected 7-10 days from the date of last dose
I really appreciate your help, but I needed a solution, so please bear with me and advice an action plan now to follow since my mind is totally blocked
There is NOTHING you can do right now apart from wait for her period to start.  If her period does not start as expected, then she will need to take a pregnancy test.  No one can give you a solution right now.
But you are emphasizing that the chances are extremely low, right? so I should stay anxious or not
There is no reason to be anxious given the extremely low chances.
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