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Should I do ultrasound for both testicles? Seems like a hard lump on right testicle.


I feel a harder area lump at my right testicle bottom area. It feels a little sore and heavy. If I try to control both testicles upwards towards myself, the right testicle feels heavier and does not move upwards as much as the left.

I told a doctor about it and he wrote a form to request an ultrasound to the right testicle. I did not go for the ultrasound yet.

Q1. My left testicle felt normal, but I am not too sure if it is really normal, should I request for the left testicle ultrasound too since I am going to do ultrasound on right testicle?

Q2. Can the doctor feel if a testicle is normal just by touching/feeling the testicle?

Q3. Do you guys do regular ultrasound for testicles yearly even if they feel normal? Or visit your doctor the let them check your testicles? I read that men should check for testicles lump, but I am not too sure check myself how as I read some "tubes" might be mistake as lumps.

Q4. I read sometimes erection or ejaculation happens during ultrasound, is there any ways to prevent it?

Q5. Is there any risk to doing ultrasound on testicles?

Thanks a lot.
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The ultrasound is the best test to assess for any testicular lumps and more reliable that a physical exam. They should do both testicles. I have never heard of erection or ejaculation issues and the test is noninvasive and radiation free so really no risk in the ultrasound itself. Unless issues are noted a routine yearly ultrasound is not something that I have heard people doing. You can learn how to do a monthly self-exam at: http://www.testicularcancersociety.org/testicular-self-exam.html
Does it mean that even if the ultrasound form wrote "Investigation required: ultrasound right testes", they will ultrasound both testicles?

I have tried self-exam but I am not too sure what I am feeling, Can the epididymis move to the sides or front?

If the shape of the testicles felt normal, but an area of the testicles seems harder than other areas, is that normal?

Is it common to walk in to GP yearly and tell them I want to check if m testicles are normal?  How do you say to your GP?

The form is only requesting attention to the right testis. However, the scrotal ultrasound will evaluate both testes and epididymides. It will also try to rule out hydroceles (fluid around the testes) and varicoceles (dilated veins around the testes).
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I have never heard of an ultrasound only being done on one testicle. To my knowledge the epididymis does not move around and there shouldn't be hard areas. The ultrasound will certainly give you move information and hopefully peace of mind. I am sure you can ask your GP for an ultrasound each year but I have no idea if they will agree to it.  
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