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Where do I go from here?

About 3 years ago I was sitting at lunch at a very crowded table. I was half in my seat which allowed my right testicle to be positioned under my leg partially. When I put my weight down... I sat on it. I felt like throwing up, ever since then my testicle has been deformed. There is the bigger section, all normal and now slightly smaller, then it slims down to the thickness of a vein and it ballooned out again on the other end to about 1/4th the size of a normal testicle. I have occasional pains but nothing major that i am suspicious about. I am wondering if there is any safe way to have my testicle regain it's shape? Maybe by forcing the fluid into the "deflated" part or if it is possible to remove just a portion of my testicle. It is sometimes annoying when i sit or lay down and I am worried if it will impact other sections of my life.
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If it was me I would go see a urologist and get a scrotal ultrasound. Having a deformed testicle certainly isn't normal and knowing why it is deformed is best. There is nothing you can do as an individual to correct things but perhaps knowing what exactly is going on the urologist may have some answers for you.
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