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Abnormal lymph nodes 6 months after TT

Hi everyone - hope someone can give me some reassurance. My husband had a TT in June 2012, due to papillary thyroid carcinoma. It was very small (they did not even want to call it stage 1) and we were told it had not spread into nearby lymph nodes. The endo told him he was low risk for recurrence and advised against the radioactive iodine. Recently, he had his 6 month ultrasound checkup and they discovered 2 lymph nodes are abnormal. The nodes are in the neck but not near the thyroid area - further up close to jawline area. They are doing a biopsy on the lymph nodes on Thursday.

The surgical notes and pathology state that all cancer was contained in the thyroid, was removed, and it had not spread. Could a recurrence happen in 6 months? Could the cancer jump to lymph nodes far away? This seems so odd to me.
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I wish I could answer your question...But I  can't.

I did however, have enlarged lymph nodes removed from my neck/throat area and that was 15yrs following TT.

I also had one that grew large and had to have it removed bechind my ear.

I did have weird infections in my body so maybe that was why they were enlarged.
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Pap cancer is known to be a contained cell in most cases and more often doctors feel these cells may not spread fast. While it may be true this 6 mth check up you had found abnormal lymph nodes following up with pathlogy is wise. I am suprised RAI was not done originally with your husbands TT.
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The lymphatic system is all connected so if one glad is bad there is a good chance others are effected on a good note if the cancer was contained chances are it could be the body reacting to recent treatments. Good luck and best wishes
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