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Adrenal Gland Mass

Recently they found a mass on my adrenal glad. I have had some blood work done and urinalyses. Today I'm going for an adrenal glad CT scan.
Anyway, I was reviewing blood work from the past and I discovered that my TSH level is changing drastically. In 05/2012 it was 2.68 then 06/2012 it was 3.84. Now it is 1.89. I understand that all those numbers are within normal range. However, should there be concern that this number has changed so much?
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No, there shouldn't be a concern that TSH has changed, because TSH can fluctuate by as much as 75% over the course, of a single day, and you're looking at 3 yrs worth of blood tests.

It is something of a concern that your TSH was 3.84, which is over the current range of 0.3-3.0, though most labs don't use that range.  Have you had symptoms of hypothyroidism? Have you ever been tested for thyroid antibodies to determine if you might have Hashimoto's?

Is TSH the only thyroid test that's ever been done?  Your doctor should also be ordering Free T3 and Free T4, which are the actual thyroid hormones, whereas TSH is a pituitary hormone.  
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I just had a 24hour UR done and Labs  all of which came back Normal. I have a growing mass on my Left Adrenal Gland. My Thyroid levels have been all over the place as well and I have had all the Thyroid Tests. I have multiple Nodules on my Enlarged Thyroid but they decided that they are Colloid Cysts.

I do have what they assume is an Enchondroma (Benign Bone Tumor)  in my Left Femoral Head. I am also dealing with PsA untreated due to having a Fungal Infection since 2014 which was triggered by persistent Diarrhea as the result of an antibiotic I was put on. Plus, a Sinus Infection.

If you are on any medications I would do a Drug interaction check at Drugs.com. I just did one after I fell and found out that I should not even be on half the medications I am on due to my Celecoxib. So I ended up falling the other day and really messed up my right ankle, low back, neck and right wrist.  I was out camping with the hubby and so I took a couple of Benedryll to help me sleep since I was in so much pain...Very Bad Move, it dropped my Blood Pressure way down and caused me to be sensitive to the sun and get sunburned. I was so dizzy. To the point of almost having a seizure. I am Epileptic but I have not had a seizure since 1998 and I am Gabapentin for my Fibro.  I called my Pharmacist and found out that they had just switched my usual Celecoxib for a newer generic version of it and so I stopped taking that one and started taking my old one and stopped the Citalopram, Divalproex DR and Buspar and I am feeling much, much better . I am still having some dizziness but not near as bad as before. But it may be due to my having a Flare of Uveitis right now, too.
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