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Any NP Thyroid Gurus here? I see the forum changed again!

I remember 4 years ago it was pretty much several people on NP here, I was (am) one. I would keep up to date on anything about NP. I recently came accross some info that it might have a recent change?  Anyone know about this. My new bottle seems the same. Sometimes supposes "changes" in brands of NDT were real and sometimes patients overreaction to an old bottle or something. If anyone has the true facts on the current state of the NP brand, it would be appreciated. This new forum layout looks confusing to scrool through or search. Last time that was easy here was about 8-10 years ago!
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I heard that it might be reformulated, patients say pills from new bottles have different shape color smell and taste, and that it causes hypo symptoms recurrent.

check out the following link:
there is a new thread on the stop the thyroid madness discussing this issue the link above was erased automatically but you can go to the site and search for it.... .

I go to STTM, but if anyone here is on top of this, please let me know.
Wish STTM wasnt filled with a bunch of "crazy ladies". I appreciate that site, but they overreact to just about everything. Thus the name maddness I suppose- its fitting.
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My experience with NP hasnt changed & ive been on
It since Naturethroid was reformulated &
Thatwas a. Few yrs ago.my tablets look & smell the same
(But if only i could find a doc that wouldnt treat you according to tsh)
Do you have old and new NP to look at? My new NP is a little taller when laying flatt and has more distinct edges on outer diameter. Smells different. Only been on the new for a few weeks. My Dr goes by all three tests. He had me go 100% GF too, one antibody normalized and my nodule went away per Scan after almost one year.
bump post up
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I take 2- 60 mg tabs
And 3- 15 mg tabs..=  165

They all look the same since. Day 1.
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Hi lazy moose

I just opened a new order of NP from costco
I bought last wk.  I was curious to see if a
Change was made.
Yes. Hou are correct. My 60 mg tabs ARE
thicker with sharp edges. I wonder why.
I just hadnt. Opened it yet. Let me know what you find out about this

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This must have happened very recently!
old ones smell sweet, new ones i cant describe just a diff smell now.
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Do you notice any difference in how you feel?
Ive alternated between old and new, i dont feel way off, but not great either. Im not the best judge since i have other overlapping symptoms from  lyme disease. that why i came here asking. this used to be the best thyroid forum.
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I like the old format better.
I guess im getting old (79)
Some things should never change
The moderators have changed.
I dont recognize the names .
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I am also one of those people on NP...I never come here lately but did today......grrrreat.....just checked new bottle I haven't gotten to yet, and sure enough----SMELLS DIFFERENT --- I've been trying to adjust my dose and going to test again soon....I am calling the company tomorrow afternoon, I'll let you know what I find out....here we go again.
...Just checked their website- maybe you've already seen this by now, as I am late to the party...

"We recently changed suppliers of the active ingredient in NP Thyroid® in order to meet the increasing demand of patients who rely on our product. This has resulted in slight cosmetic changes to the appearance and size of the tablets, but it is important for patients to know that our formulation has not changed. The only difference is that the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is now sourced from an FDA-inspected facility in Europe instead of our former supplier in the U.S...."
At fisrt the web site said no change..................then they admitted to using a new pig powder from Europe. Contacting them is wasting time, as theve been bombed by phone , e-mails ect. Ive been on it the changed NP about a  month, and just got labs done, they are still good, better actually on the same dose.  Time will tell. I take it sublingually, so filler change does not matter. 75% of Hashi people have gut issues, so why try to suck up T4 by swallowing the pill then? T3 absorbs no matter what and unlike T4, T3 will bind to nothing, T4 is the issue. A new/different thyroid powder might need getting used to by some people though, seems like my cells like it so far. (fingers crossed.)
That's good to hear! You said your levels are better? which direction did they go in? I've spent months and months tweaking my dose down slowly so this couldn't have come at a worse time---- except that I'll test just before starting the new bottle. I find the new smell a bit bizarre, after years of Armour and then NP. I'm very glad to hear it has not had an adverse effect on you! Keeping my fingers crossed for you....and me!
PS. I finally just read all of the posts on STTM so I'm glad I learned about this here first...thanks for sharing your experience with it. I'm really nervous about starting the new stuff this week - I hope I react the way you have.
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Just bumping up this post for other NP thyroid users here.  And for the forum owner >This new layout..........is terrible. No wonder there is so much less traffic than their used to be.  Compared to other forum layouts, this is difficult to follow.  Just being honest.
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