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Graves disease, Does Eye Issues Follow

I was diagnosed with Graves disease and  I have read everything regard the disease and what I find most fearful is the eye issues that  can result with Graves Disease.  many articles indicate only 30% of people with Graves disease have issues with their eyes.  Is this correct?

I am seeing an eye doctor in a couple of weeks?  I do feel grit in one of my eyes from time to time.  This is pretty nerve racking.
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If you have been diagnosed you should address the Graves first off. If you remember Barbara Bush, she had Graves and if you notice her eyes, they bulge slightly. That is one of the most telling effects of Graves. Once your Graves is successfully treated, the bulging doesn't occur. Your eye doctor will most likely tell you the same thing. I learned that I had Graves while on a tour in Korea. It was treated with radio active iodine that I had to drink. When that wasn't successful I had 95% of my thyroid removed. My side effects were extreme weight loss, heart palpitations so bad that I would pass out, and a goiter like bulge in my neck. Please have the Graves treated before serious symptoms start to appear.
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hello..im just curious..after taking the rai how do you feel now..cause i he hyper ..and 11/2 nodules..they want to give me the radiactive pill..to kill the nodules..and im just wondering after taking the radioactive drink how are feeling now..thanks..for sharing..
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Thanks for you response? I am under doctors care now and am currently taking Inderal and Methimazole.  While the Inderal has helped tremendously, I know that the other med isn't working yet? I can tell the moment the Inderal is leaving my system.  I start felling nervous, increase heart rate, etc.

I asked about eye issues because I hear that if you have the iodine radiation pill your more likely to develop bulging eyes.....like Barbara Bush and even Missy Elliott.  I have only been on the meds for 3 weeks now so it's too early to tell how effective this treatment is.

I'm trying to gather as much information as I can so I can make an informed decision.
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Sorry about the question mark when I thanked you for your response.  I pressed the shift key by mistake.  One could think that I was being negative.  Please know that I'm not.
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"Once your Graves is successfully treated, the bulging doesn't occur. "

- that is not a correct statement regarding Graves disease and the development of TED. RAI can have an increase in TED and also RAI does not have a direct effect on ridding the autoimmune attacks on thyroid eye disease or treat Graves antibodies. Also the antithyroid medication will not avoid TED either - removal is also not related to if you will develop TED or not.

There is a genetic alter in some Graves patients that split off from the antibodies that develops TED. The reason why RAI is uneffective along with surgery is when the thyroid is removed from the "condition" ( symptoms) of Graves the autoimmune attacks still continue in many cases and then the cell receptor of TED is effected to create the pressure and disease in the eyes. A good opthmologist in the TED experience can provide you will that information.

Another quote above on a post I wanted to also clarify is "cause i he hyper ..and 11/2 nodules..they want to give me the radiactive pill..to kill the nodules."

RAI will not have any effect on "killing" a hyperactive or solid cold nodule. In fact nodules can increase when RAI has been induced.

rosetoes - please see Elaine Moore's website for more Graves information along with visiting here.

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hi stella , i was diagnosed with hyperthyroid 7yrs ago which immediatly turned into graves because my doc went so long without detecting it  i am having eye surgery done in March on both eyes one at a time an then skin graphing under the eye to bring the lower lid up, i am currently gaining weight , i am not on any meds at all at this time , my doc only checks for tsh every month. my skin has changed my whole face appearance , my nails peel. iam just a mess and i also have been diagonsed with conversion disorder which does not help. I feel like a right off. any advise. thank you so much. i forgot to mention i am 40 years old. sorry.
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This is the first time I've ever answered on any site I have had graves disease since I was 14 diagnosed and I am 59 I understand the fear in all of you all these symptoms are very very familiar and they say my graves disease has disappeared also and I still have all the symptoms and understand completely. We wonder of what to do I have been to many many doctors to no avail to get the proper help.I'm not sure the doctors or endro chronologist know completely what's going on that's why we're all having all these problems still. I've been medicated 40 years on and off with methimazole take me on take me off with me on for years I also have thyroid nodules and they have said not to worry about them I also have nodules in my glands behind my ears a goiter and unfortunately my eyes are bulging I have suffered with eye problems  for quite some time not just bulging  feels like someone's trying to pull my eyeball out and always feel like something is stuck burning itching pain swelling swollen all the time I have had to wear a patch because the light has bothered me for two years and I have been to 9 opthamologist they claim several things wrong with my eyes and one said I had thyroid eye disease my doctor disagreed it's very hard when the doctors disagree and you have several different diagnosis but still feel terrible I feel really sorry and empathy for all of you going through this I pray they can figure it out so we can start living normal healthy lives
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