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How to take both synthroid and cytomel.

I have now been prescribed a lower dose of synthroid (100mcg) once a day, and 5mcg of cytomel 2x a day since my conversion was not doing well.  My question is how do people take cytomel twice a day when you also have to take iron and calcium?  I can take the first dose in the morning on an empty stomach with my synthroid and wait half an hour to an hour before breakfast.  I usually take my iron at lunch an calcium at supper.  The doctor mentioned it may be best to take the second dose mid afternoon as taking it before bed may cause insomnia? How does everyone take it?
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I answered this in your other thread.  The doctor is right.  That is how I do it.
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I thought the 4 hours was more for calcium and T4.  Does calcium also bind to T3?

If not, then there is no concern over taking the T3 within 4 hours of calcium.

Typically people take the 2nd dose of T3 in the early afternoon, as it peaks in about 4 hours after taking it and then fads away over the next 4 to 8 or so hours.  And if you take it too late, many people have a hard time getting to sleep.
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I was told to take it away from food, and 4 hours away from iron or calcium.  
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