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Salivary Gland RAI uptake

I recently had my follow-up scan to see if there was anything left from my RAI treatment i had 6 months ago.  i took the tracer does of I-123 and went back the next day for a full body scan.  my neck was completely clean, but there was uptake in my salivary gland.  My doctor said this was completely normal and nothing to worry about.  He said it looks as though I am cancer free right now.  Is it normal to have uptake in the salivary glands?  Is this something I sould be concerned about or is my doctor right and this is normal?  Thanks.  
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From what I have read, this is normal.  If down the road, you get swelling in the salivary glands, that is also normal.  The RAI can cause blockage, so when eating the glands swell. Massage helps along with warm compress.  
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I had RAI done almost 15yrs ago due to graves/hyper/goiter. Ended up with TT.

Just last year I actually had to have surgery to remove my right salivary glad due to swelling when I ate (painful) and lack of responding to antiboitics. When they went in to remove it they found my salivary gland chronically infected (sialenditis-sp?), a mass on the gland, two swollen lymph nodes- ALL came back good, no cancer.

I think it had to do witht the RAI, but who knows, I just know it was painful.
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