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Suggestion for those that are looking for scar makeup coverup

I haven't had thyroid surgery yet so I'm not sure exactly how this will work for some but it is worth a try. I have tattoos that are in visible spots but work a corporate job so for work I cover them with dermablend makeup. Its the only thing I've found that blends well but still does a great cover up job. Just thought I'd recommend trying it if some of you are seeking something to cover your scar.

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Where can I find Dermablend?
I have my TT on Wednesday, so I know I don't need it yet, but I would like to look into it.  And how long after the surgery before you can use something like this?  I work for a very busy optometrist and we see a lot of kids.  I don't want to scare them!  lol  Thanks so much for the info
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I have had my left thyroid removed and honestly at first I was too vein and worried about the scar on my neck. But you cannot even see it anymore.  
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I have used dermablend for years on my leg veins, moles and scars. It is excellent. Unfortunately it does cost a lot of money. I have tried mixing foundation with concealer and moisturiser and had good results with that.  I must admit the dermablend is the best though.
Happy New Year!
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