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Thyroid test Question

Hello, My Rheumatologist recently did a limited thyroid panel on me and Im not sure exactly what if anything these test mean.  

She didn’t do the TSH but she did T4, FT4 and T3 Uptake which I never had done (I suspect this is not a helpful test)

T4 -  8.1 (4.5 - 12 )
Ft4-  2.2 ( 1.2 - 4.9 )
T3 Uptake- 27% (24% - 39%)
NO TSH or T3 (I  just did another thyroid test with my Endo but no results yet).  

Im currently taking 100mcg of T4 a day PLUS an extra 50mcg once per week along with 10 mcg of T3 daily.  I did fast prior to test and did not take my meds until after the test.

Current issues:  thyroid-less (cancer) psoriatic arthritis (treating with biological injections monthly) Anemia, extremely high cholesterol, low MCHC values, High Alkaline Phosphate values (don’t know if these matter) chronic fatigue, lack of appetite but extreme weight gain since thyroidectomy in 2016.  

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Both T4 (which is actually Total T4) and T3 Uptake are pretty useless.  T3 Uptake is an old, outdated way to test Free T4 - no point in that, since there's a very specific test now for Free T4.   The fact that the rheumatologist did the T4 and T3 Uptake instead of Free T3 indicates that she's not very well versed in thyroid matters.  

We'll need to know your other lab results in order to have an idea of what your problem is.  Please post them, with reference ranges when you get them.
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