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What's Going On? Frustrated and Fatigued

Went in for 6 month check-up for thyroid levels, doctor ran tests on T4 and TSH ONLY, even after I stressed my want for a FT4 and FT3 test. Talked doctor into checking cholesterol levels, prolactin, and Ferritin test (don't know the rest).

Before going to the doctor I was taking the following meds. :
   Levothyroxine – 75mcg
One-a-Day Women Multivitamin.
B 12-1006mcg
Vitamin D- 2000 IU
Fish Oil-3000mg

Was still having these symptoms:
     Inability to Concentrate
     Difficulty Speaking/Finding words.
     Memory Issues/Brain Fog.
     Irritability/ Moodiness.
     Weight Gain
     Stretch Marks
      Irregular Periods( for me anyway)
                June         ::  6/18-6/25
        July          ::  7/28-8/1
        September::  9/4-9/9
        October    ::  Still Haven't

Results of Blood Test (don't have actual data yet, given on phone)::
    Blood Pressure------140/90
    B 12-----------------------slightly high (told to stop taking the 1000mcg B 12 vitamin)

After being off the B 12 a week, added Flaxseed oil to vitamin list.  I'm now extremely
fatigued (feel like I could fall asleep anytime). I'm worried because these are the same
doctors that sent me to an Endo, after missing two periods stating my thyroid was fine.
Endo tripled my Levo from 25mcg and after many tests diagnosed me with Hash's and
elevated Prolactin which came down once thyroid levels were managed.

My questions are::
       1. What can I do for the fatigue (vitamins, food, etc)?    
       2. Could the slightly high b12 have caused my menstrual and other problems? I had only been taking
             them for a month or less.
Any advice is welcomed.
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Never mind on the high peptide thing. I figured out why the results were high that day.
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Finally got my records so bear with me. I'm going to include 3 data sets of lab results. One from my recent visit, one from my April visit with the Endo, and the last CBC I had.
Sorry this is so lengthy. >> Denotes high and low values.

Results from Labs 10/19/10
   Iron Bind. Cap. (TIBC)         328 ug/dL               250-450
   UIBC                                 275 ug/dL               150-375
   Iron, Serum                        53  ug/dL                35-155
   Iron Saturation                    16   %                    15-55
>>Vitamin B12                     1246  pg/mL            211-946
    Folate (Folic Acid), serum   >19.9 ng/mL            >3.0
    Prolactin                            14  ng/dL                4.8-23.3
    Ferritin, Serum                    46 ng/dL                13-150

   Total Protein                        7.9 g/dL                 6.4-8.2
   Albumin                               3.9 g/dl                  3.4-5.0
   ALK. Phos.                          110 U/L                  50-160
   ALT(SGPT)                           56  U/L                  25-60
   AST(SGOT)                           22 U/L                  15-37
   Total Bilirubin                       0.30 mg/dL             0-1
   Direct Bilirubin                      0.10 mg/dL            0-0.3
>>Cholesterol                          240 mg/dL             0-200
   Triglycerides                        162 mg/dL              30-200
   HDL                                     46 mg/dL               35-60
>>LDL(Calculated)                   162 CALC               5-99
    HDL RISK FACTOR              5.2
    Free T4                                1.00 ng/DL             0.60-1.50
    TSH                                     1.56 MCIU/mL        0.34-4.82

Results from Labs 4/22/10 (note:: TSH low but Endo said Syn to Levo switch may help)
   Free T4                                   1.33 ng/dL            0.93-1.70                    
   TSH, 3rd generation                 0.033 uIU/mL        0.27-4.20
   T3, Total                                  1.2   ng/dL           0.8-2.0
   Prolactin                                  11.3 ng/mL          3.4-24.1

* Ultrasound noted thyroid as mildly multinodular goiter

Results from Labs 8/7/09 (before seeing Endo and Hashimoto diagnosis. MCV always low ranging from 80-83)
>>WBC                     11.5   X10^3/uL               5.0-10.2
    RBC                      5.14  X10^6/uL                4.00-5.50  
    HGB                      14.2    g/dL                    12-15
    HCT                       41.3     %                      37-47
>>MCV                      80      fL                        86-102
    MCH                      28 pg                            27-31
    MCHC                   34 g/dL                          33-37
    PLT                       303 X10^3/uL                 130-424
>>Neut#                    7.4  X10^3/uL                 2.0-6.9
    Lymph#                 2.8  X10^3/uL                 1.5-8.5    
>>Mono#                   1.0 X10^3/uL                  0.0-0.9
    Eos#                   0.2 X10^3/uL                   0.0-0.7
    Mono #                  0.0 X10^3/uL                   0.0-0.2
    Neut%                      64.5   %                      50-70
    Lymph%                   24.7 %                       20-50
    Mono%                     9  %                           0-12
    Baso%                     0.2 %                          0-2.5
    Eos %                     1.6%                            0-7

Again sorry it's so long. I have several more questions/comments since getting my records.

  1. Why is the only advise that a doctor gives an overweight/obese person is to be more
       active and cut back on the soda? At 16, I weighed 156lbs was 5 ft tall had basketball 5 out of 7 days( running at least 2 miles a day), softball during the off season at the same 5 out of 7 days( running the same amount) and only had one 20 oz soda a week.

2. Should I be worried that what I thought was a slightly high B12 level was actually ~300 pg/mL over the range?

3. What is C-peptide and what does a history of normal to high levels mean?

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Thanks for the advice. I'm still waiting on my records.

I'm looking into another doctor if they try to pull the same crap in April when I go back that they did the other day. Or if the records look fishy. Only problems are that the 3 doctors offices near me are sort of co-op things. When I get my records I may find that I'm simply over reacting.

Been feeling better during the days. Still have symptoms, but milder. Main complains now are no period and excessive sleeping.
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Don't stress on not having an endo. A good doctor that knows thyroid certainly can help you without being an endo persay.

The labs would be more helpful to know and not just normal for an answer.

With you having to really struggle with no insurance my advice for you would be to definately research your community for a doctor willing to test the right levels for this condition. You'll be wasting your money with some if they won't treat - or run those free labs.

BTW - I don't have insurance right now either. My care I have won't take insurance. I spend less now getting this right care than I did when I had "cadilac insurance".

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Unforuantely, since I graduated from college, I lost my insurance, lost my job, and had to move back home. So I can't go to the Endo any longer. As for the PCP, I am seeing a different one, but since they work at the same general place not sure that's helping any.

Once I get the results I'll post them.
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I agree that we need the sample results and reference ranges in order to comment fully.

I also agree that you should get back on the vitamin B12.  Like Sally said, it's water soluble and not likely to do harm.  

When do you go back to see the endo who raised your med dosage?  Maybe you should think about relying on him to make sure you get the proper testing and get your thyroid  med.  Otherwise, you might want to think about finding a different pcp.
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It will be Monday at the earliest before I get the information. The doctor's office is closed on weekends and the idiot receptionist has been given me the run around on my records.  

This is the same receptionist that continuously tried to get me to take a later doctor's appointment despite the fact that I ran out of my Levo on the 25th. Called in several hours before my appointment (25th at 1:45pm was on my card), found out the idiot had me down for the 1st.

Thanks for the advise on the B12 though. I've been considering that myself, even if I cut the pills in half for a while.

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get back on the B12.  It is a water soluble vitamin.  I don't believe a slightly high level would be a problem for menstruation or anything else, and you obviously feel better on it.

I'd like to know your actual numbers for the other tests.  Once I have these (with the reference range) then we can better comment on your situation.

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