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tourettes question-new here

Hi, I'm new here.

My 15 year old has never been diagnosed with Tourettes fully but we know he has it. One time when he was 9 I took him to a neurologist who would not say he had it because he didnt do a vocal. I need to find a specialist in Orlando Florida to take him to. If anyone knows please help.

Also, his is mild but persistent. His eyes hurt so bad from rolling them he is asking to see someone. They are always red and bloodshot. He says everytime he blinks he rolls them. My question is, can he cause eye damage from doing this? It's non-stop!! He also does this arm stretch and neck rolling. Has off and on since three years old. Has a leg tic and others that have come and gone throughout his life. This eye one is killing him though.

I dont know anything about medication for this and really need some help. I feel bad for him. What should I do. He is in so much pain.

Thank you!!
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You may want to further try to do some research and go into the Health Topics at the top of the screen and/or do a search on the right hand side about tourettes.  Much may come up from the database, and/or drugs if you know the names.
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Hi Kerrylee, I too have had some difficulty finding a specialist. I can't yet recommend a specialist but i do have a website that you can find a bunch of listed neurology physicians in you area. healthgrades.com. As far as his pain, I can sympathize with him. I am 25 years old and still dealing with tourettes. I too have painful tics. I agree with jibs1 that research is your best initial option, but unfortunately there is not much over the counter or natural supplements that have a great affect on tourettes, especially in moderate to severe cases. Hopefully you find a good specialist.  I know that neuroleptic drugs are generally used to help with tourettes.  I also recommend seeking a support group in the area. I myself have been looking to find or start a group myself.

Best wishes
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