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Severe head pain after recent injury

Hi, new here, first post. My son (big 22 yr old guy) fell Saturday night (it's now Wednesday night), and hit the back of his head. Mild to moderate TBI, as per his symptoms. Ct scan showed skull fracture with bleeding. He did not lose consciousness, but was dazed, and threw up a lot. Discharged from hospital yesterday.

My question is - what can we do about the very severe pain he is in? Prescribed Fioricet, and oxycodone. Nothing helps. He hasn't eaten or slept since the accident pretty much. The pain is all over his head, throbbing with his heartbeat. dr's aren't much help, and he would prefer to stay put of the hospital with all the noise, lights, smells, etc. The pain is not getting better, it's an 8 on a scale 1 - 10. and he's a tough guy.

Any suggestions?
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Try a dark room, cold washcloth.  Bones don't heal well when anti-inflammatories are given, which is why he was given the pain meds he was.  Make sure he takes only the prescribed dose and no more since acetaminophen can cause liver damage and higher doses.  
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With respect, anti-inflammatories are essential to reduce brain swelling after a head injury and to refuse them could result in brain injury from swelling. Opiates don't work that well because the pain results from glial cell inflammation. Get off the oxycodone  as soon as possible. It's a little too early to make a pain recommendation. When I fractured my skull I was in severe pain for at least a month.
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thanks for the responses.  He is back in the hospital. He ended up on IV Dilaudid last night which gave him some release, and I hope he slept. It is so terrible standing by not being able to do anything. The are concerned about continued bleeding so that's why no NSAIDs, but the CT scan showed that the blood is being reabsorbed so he is on the right track.
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My Friend was punched full fisted from her x boyfriend right in the left eye her cheek swelled up and is still puffy she's having bad headaches what do you recommend
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