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Can you help me with a diagnosis?


One evening while lying in bed I feel my lymph node near my right upper jaw swell. 2-3 days later the swelling reduces, but I still felt it being active. Also, I was having headaches and tension in the forehead area behind my eyes, so I went to the doctor where they did an ultrasound near the lymph node and saw it was slightly inflamed. They said I probably have a viral infection and prescribed me some anti-inflammatory drugs to take for 5 days.

2 weeks later I'm still having headaches and pressure on my face is still tense. Also, the lymph node on the other side of my face is starting to activate and now I'm sensitive to light (w/astigmatism), sensitive to sound, it's difficult to focus, and sometimes I get minor tinglings in my teeth (Dentist said my teeth are fine). In addition, I can feel other lymph node areas activated around my body. I decided to go to the emergency room where I received an MRI on my head and everything looked good. They prescribed me more medications for the headaches.

2 weeks later (one month total), the headaches are still there and the pressure around my face has gotten a little better although it comes and goes throughout the day. I'm still sensitive to lights/sounds and have problems focusing/concentrating. In addition, my lymph node areas are still active mainly around the upper right jaw and right hand. I got to the emergency room again and receive a covid test, HIV test, and blood work-everything looks good. The doctor checked my eyes and said that I have some corneal abrasion on both eyes and prescribed me an eye oitment for 5 days.

5 days later (a little over a month) everything remains the same and eye vision and sensitivity to lights/sounds has not changed. It worries me because I consider myself a healthy 30-year-old male who eats right and exercised prior to all of this 5 days a week, so whatever I have should be gone especially given my health (no underlying conditions). Also, my family history is mainly diabetes and hypertension. My main thing is not knowing exactly what's wrong with me. I don't believe the abrasions on my eyes (which I believe are small streaks probably from my eyelashes) would cause all these symptoms and I'm still not getting better.

Any recommendations or advice would be great. Thanks a lot.
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Hey, how is your health? Did you figure out what was causing all of this?
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Maybe you're getting migraines, which can be triggered by so many things. Have you considered seeing a neurologist?
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Thanks for replying.
I haven't yet seen a neurologist yet. As I'm writing this I'm currently at the emergency room because I started having night sweats and ringing in an eye. There was talk about a CT, but we'll see what happens.
Good luck. Get the CT if they offer it.
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