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Puking green and blood?!

Okay this all started yesterday when I woke up....
First of all, I felt horrible all day from the time I woke up. I thought I had really bad gas pains so I layed on my stomach for most of the day. I was really tired so I kept going in and out of sleep, I felt so bad I couln't eat. Then around 4 o'clock yesterday evening, I had really bad completely liquid diarrhea, with little weird chunks that I think might have been blood. It was an orangey red. Then right after that I felt my stomach go insane on me, and I puked this snotty bright green looking stuff, and it had strings of bright red blood in it. After that I just kept sleeping and stuff. Then this morning I felt a little better, but I have a bad headache, my stomach is still kinda woosy, and I can't really keep anything I eat down. And, this is embarassing, but my urine really stinks and its bright yellow.  And I've been on my period for liek 3 weeks and it's jsut now starting to ease up and only be there wehn I wipe (I think that's due to stress) but I cant tell if whats in my urine is blood or if the blood is from the period bc like I said the period is kinda there but mostly gone. I am also burping alot, and my burps stink very bad.
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The symptoms are suggestive of infectious diarrhea which is usually caused due to bacteria.Pls keep your fluid levels optimum by taking plenty of fluids and also consult a physician as an urgent course of antibiotics is needed.

I sincerely hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind regards
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I'm not puking anymore, but my stomah still kinda hurts. Just a little, more like discomfort than hurting I guess though.
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my daughter is puking green stuff as we speak, no blood involved,
she is getting off remicaide and going down on steroids, she took antinausea meds that havent helped her yet
please any help,  the hosptials and doctors have no answer   they say this puking is not anything but a virus AND IT IS NTO A VIRUS SHE IS SICK FROM  
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i had to call the rescue for my daughter as she continues to puke green, at the er the nurse informed us that is stomach juice/ bile becasue her stomach was totally empty, the doctor finally told another doctor there in our ear shot that this girl;s body was relying on chemo drugs and steroids to make it and she was done with it but the body wasnt so she was having a lot a bad symtoms      that is the first time any doctor has told us any such thing but what i as a mother has beleived for a few months and when i mentioned this to a doctor  they told me it was totally a virus, now i am searching withdrawals symtoms and there are not easy to find     but my daughter has done better with anti nauseau meds they have given her that melt on the tongue, those are the only ones that have given her any relief at all
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