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Unknown lower left abdominal pain

I have been to the ER twice for lower left abdominal pain. When it first started I urinated dark red blood twice once at home and once at the hospital showing a 100 rbc count.

No kidney stone was found on a ct scan w/o contrast and I was told I passed a kidney stone. The pain never left. I went back a week later had another ct scan done w/ contrast still no kidney stone and no clear reason why i have this pain. My PCP has no clue as to why I’m having this. I saw a urologist who did a urinalysis with a cystology which came back negative. And I have a cystoscopy scheduled later this week which my pcp doesn’t expect will bear any results.

I can’t sit up or stand  longer than ten minutes with out being in excruciating pain. While sitting up I feel  a burning sensation radiating down my inner thigh, and if pressure is applied to the area I feel shooting pain into my genitals. My PCP couldn’t feel any type of hernia and I just had a colonoscopy. Emptying my bowel had no relief of the symptoms and I unintentionally lost ten pounds since this started.

I had a abdominal u/s which also shows no results. The colonoscopy found one polop by my rectum and the last CT said my esophagus and bladder were inflamed. My GI took numerous biopsies of my esophagus to be on the safe side but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

This pain has been non stop since 8/11 and I’m hoping that any one may have any ideas on what might be causing it.

I have behcet’s syndrome, a strong history of PE’s, A-Fib episodes, 3 catheter alblations, and one appendectomy. If any one has any ideas please post thank you in advance
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Look into a condition called Nutcracker Syndrome. It can cause many of the symptoms you’re describing such as lower left abdominal pain, blood in urine, weight loss and many other problems. I would recommend joining a Nutcracker Syndrome Support Group as most doctors have never heard of this condition. Also, look into May-Thurner Syndrome which can cause many of the same problems. More and more people are getting diagnosed with Nutcracker Syndrome, May-Thurner Syndrome, both of which can cause  Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. Hope this might help!
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Hi Johnny Rocket244 sorry for responding so late. I wanted to wait until I heard back From my cardiologist who is also a vascular surgeon. So first thank you very much it’s not definitive yet, but cardiologist at least thinks the may-Thurner syndrome may be a possibility. Even though I’m male I had scoliosis when I hit puberty. My growth alert first hit my spine before my body grew into it and the last time I had it checked I was told there was still a slight curvature. I have had multiple PE’s I believe 3 or 4 now and I’m only 38 years old, and I am considered hypercoagiable for unknown reasons and I do get upper left side chest pain when breathing in even when I don’t have a PE. The weird thing is, that each time I had a PE that they were never able to find a DVT so now my doctor ordere a vascular U/S to search for may-Thurner syndrome
Sounds like you’re on the right track. Can they check for Nutcracker Syndrome as well when they do the Vascular U/S? It’s possible that you may just have May-Thurner Syndrome. Some of your symptoms sound more like Nutcracker and it’s possible you have both. Have you ever been checked for or diagnosed with Vericoceles? Feel free to private message me as well if you have any questions.
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