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several Rheumatologic disease , need guidance.

Here is the reddit link that tells all things needed to say.

And here is the copy pasted stuff.
I should mention that I also had thyroid cancer, but in remission now. If someone can interpret all this together into something i will be grateful. It will take a while since i can get intouch with my doctor and I feel like i cant wait. I need to label all these ugly symptoms that is happening into some formal disease, those past six yesrs were brutal. I have all symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrom. This doctor that i am consulting with gave me that basic diagnosis and told me to make some labs to exclude some other stuff. I guess this diagnosis is not possible right? Thank you. Male 24 years old. Middle eastern, symptoms are severe fatigue, severe headache, weak memory and concentration, brain fog, muscle pain and weakness. Unrefreshing sleep, all this symptoms increase in severity after I eat anything. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1KRjvnBcScjag6BkfPd5C3QioWtEjT-Db
So I have been reading from Kelleys textbook of rheumatology since I got back from school this morning. To add to the symptoms mentioned above, I have eye pains , or burns in my eyes. Its also hard to keep them opened as I always feel they want to shut down. I have several caries in my mouth despite having a very good oral hygiene, " I wash before I sleep, after I wake up and between meals", also my salivary glands are hypofunctional, I still have some saliva but I always need to drink water to compensate, I am not sure that this is due to Sjorgen because I had radiation therapy " RadioActiveIodine" which affects salivary glands. Should I be more specific and screen for Sjorgen's antibodies ?, I read that it is required for a diagnosis and it's much easier than having taken a part of my salivary glands to get a pathology report. I may also add that I have been losing hair like crazy since I was diagnosed with cancer, never really got back to where it was, now norwood 5a. I remember from when I was in elementary school my hairs kept falling and getting back, no scarring thou.

I also have some mild chest pains, they are mostly in the area of my heart, but I can barely distinguish that pain from the different types that are occuring everywhere else, this one is pulsating with a higher frequency than the other pains I am experiencing.

I also read that I should explore the area of malignancies with that high Ck and ANA, as I said I was diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer six years ago and currently in remission.

I believe that this is probably either lupus plus secondary Sjorgen syndrom.

Or chornic fatigue sybdrom plus some other myopathy.

This whole range of symptoms is really overlapping different criteria for different diseases and I really wish to just have peace with all whats going on with these symptoms and stop blaming myself for all the loses I suffered due to all of this.
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You can't diagnose yourself.  The reason is what you state here, that the same symptoms can be signs of hundreds of different diseases or no disease at all.  You'll just drive yourself nuts trying to self-diagnose this way.  If your current docs aren't helping you, find better docs.  It's also possible that the treatment for your cancer caused this.  Treating cancer is currently mostly very hard on the body.  The only way back is to completely change the way you live, eat, exercise, etc. so that you rebuild your immune system and strength.  I don't know if this is what happened, only that cancer patients do often have problems because the treatment for it is quite harsh.  I hope you find your answers.
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