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Epididymitis - Hard Testicle

I have been suffering from epididymitis on my right testicle from last 4 months. I have been on different antibiotics (cipro, levo) for several weeks. I am virgin so no STD. All my tests came up negative (urinalysis, urine culture, sperm analysis etc). Sometime I have burning sensation in testicle. As far as the pain is concerned i never had unbearable pain I always have this dull ache and discomfort when I sit for long period of time in chair. I feel burning sensation in my epididymis for several hours after ejaculation and stretching pain in spermatic cord. I don't feel any discomfort or pain when I am sleeping or laying down, the dull pain in inguinal area and discomfort in testicle only occurs while I am sitting. Moreover I am very worried about the swelling as it is not going down by any means. I used NSAIDs (Piroxicam, ibrufin, diclofenac) for last 4 months but the swelling is still there. My urologist thinks that there is no more infection its only the inflammation. Recently i noticed that the pain and discomfort increases after ejaculation and the testicle becomes hard after i ejaculate. I will be very thankful to you guys for any kind of suggestions and sharing your experience.
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It has been 10 months and I am still having the same problem. Someone please reply?
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