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Right testicle pain and groin inflammation

Hi male 28, I was lifting and felt a pop on my right side of my groin, was diagnosed with epididymis went on two rounds of antibiotics had two ultrasounds and An MRI and a CT scan came back negative. and didn’t work, they ruled out a hernia, then was sent to pelvic floor therapy. Went back to urologist. She gave me a nerve block. Also gave me spermatic cord denervation I am post nine weeks out from surgery and there is no more burning sensation, but I have a stabbing right testicle pain and when I stretch or bend over my groin becomes inflamed I am going to get a full panel for STDs. Done someone help I have no answer.
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That sounds like the pressure of lifting has triggered an inguinal hernia. The hernia can actually go into your scrotum.
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