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Epididymitis that won't go away with antibiotics

I’m a 29 year old male.

I was diagnosed with epididymitis 2-3 months back, about 3 weeks after I had unprotected sex. I was prescribed doxycycline first. They helped, symptoms went away in 4ish days.

I took doxy for 2 weeks nonetheless, 100mg twice a day. A week or two after I quit the meds the symptoms came back. After that I've been described various antibiotics (Pronaxen, Norfloxacin, Dalacin), none of which eased my symptoms (ache and discomfort in the right epididymis). I have also been tested for STDs and mycoplasma and for bacteria in urine, all negative. All tested multiple times, always negative. I'm back on doxycycline now, been a week and the symptoms aren't going away this time. At least not as fast.

Ultrasound showed that I have a calcium deposit or something like that now, 4mm (0,15 inches) width in or on my epididymis.

My questions are:
- After all these antibiotics, how likely is it that I'm still infected with something?
- Can you think of anything that causes epididymitis and doesn't get healed with that pile of antibiotics I've been on? My doctor has assured me that it's highly unlikely there's any permanent damage since the discomfort isn't even severe enough to disturb falling asleep, but I'm still nervous about having an internal organ sick for months on.
- Could the ache in my right epididymis be caused just by the calcium deposit? If so, how long does it take to go away, and is there anything I can do to help it go away faster?
- Could this be caused by something else than bacteria? Like fungus or something?

I tried searching for similar questions, and they all came back horribly depressing. "Wait for 6 months to see if it clears up" or so. I'm starting to get depressed.
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I have the exact same issue. My urine samples came back negative twice now and twice doxycycline has failed to fix the issue. The pain is only in my right epidymitis and became apparent a short while after unprotected sex. Have you found any solution to this problem since this was posted? I'm also very despondent because it affects my sexual health.
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I would like to ask you to re-post this question as this original post is a year old and the original poster is no longer here.  If you will go up to the TOP of this question, you will see the green rectangle that says "Post a Question".  If you will use that then your question will be seen and you will get the attention your post deserves.

Thank you....... Sherry  :)
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I really hope this helps. I dealt with epididymitis and prostatatis for over a year and a half. It started with a dull ache in my groin and testicle area. I saw 3 different doctors multiple times. They kept prescribing antibiotics and I would think it would get better with it only to return. It really got debilitating. The urologist even take a urine sample for to make sure it was bacteria infection and it came back negative only to perscribe more antibiotics. It never got better. Im 28 now and I was 26 at the time and I wanted to break down and cry. It turned into burning feeling in my testicles and groin almost daily. Finally after the 6th visit to the urologist and him wanting to use a camera via my urine track I went on a mission to take a different approach. I saw a physical therapist in Charleston, SC. After 10 minutes of telling her the nightmare I had been dealing with she did a exam and noticed my hips were mis aligned. She did electron therpy, stretches and other stuff to recreate the pain in my groin. After one visit to her I felt true relief for the first time in over a year. I wanted to hug her and thank her a million times. If youre dealing with this. Hang in there! Please seek other treatment options! I really hope this helps someone!  
hey man .. can you describe the dull aching ? im having dull discomfort in scrotum .. also my right testi hangs lower and behind right one .. i really suspected when infection hit me that im starting to stand up in weird position did an mri image for pelvis it says everything ok .. any idea ?
Uhhhh you were cured by all the antibiotics not some misalignment chiropractor witch doctor back crack manuever.
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Get tested for Trichomoniasis
And mycoplasm genitalium . Alot of random bacteria floating around. Cipro Levaquin and the atom bomb Moxifloxacin cures them all up. Beware the prolonger course needed for relief can be weeks. Took 10 days of moxi before I saw improvement after having bacterial prostatitis for 16 years.
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The problem is men are prescribed high dose long term antibiotics frequently enough for these infections so it keeps coming back.

It’s taken me a year of doxycycline 100 mg twice a day to cure my symptoms, it took me tons of research to find professor Malone lee who although is an expert in UTI’s the principles are the same. Embedded infections like epyditimitis and prostatitis take a long time to eradicate especially when biofilm is present, so it’s normally a high dose of a specific antibiotic needed for 4 months minimum.

You can speak with professor Malone lee or Dr Bundrick from Ark ta Lex urology for private info,
I meant to say aren’t not are
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