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Hard Cord on Penis acting strange


I have a problem on my penis for the last few months. I started noticing a hard cord running throughout the length of my penis when erect at the left of my left(position would be around 10 o clock). Also, area between that cord and the superficial vein on top of my penis seems to form a 'groove' when I get an erection. There is no pain at all at any time but i can feel the pulse on that 'cord' which makes me it it might be an artery or vein. Otherwise as well, I can feel other smaller veins on the left of penis more tensed.

I have been experiencing some ED of late(morning erections are dull, and erections don't hold still for long unless stimulated). But few weeks back suddenly for around 2 weeks I was able to achieve full potency on my own. I noticed that the cord like veins had also reduced. But it seems to be back and so does the ED to some extent(it's intermittent to be honest). When the penis is flaccid, the cord like 'vein' is not prominent but i can slightly feel the ridges of it.

Also, my superficial dorsal vein has always been very prominent and coil on top, but now the coil seems to be getting a little bigger and when i have an erection i can feel a bit of a lump that moves around(maybe this must be happening earlier as well but now as I've started noticing everything I could feel this).

Any idea whats going on? Earlier this year my doctor had given me Cialis 5mg when i told him i'm having varying degrees of ED and it worked very well.

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Thanks for the advise. I don't have a curvature though and the ED problem seems intermittent. Some days I would not even get a morning erection but some days it'd just be difficult to get it down in the morning.

I would mention though that since I can remember, I have had a downward curve in my penis when erect. But never been a problem as such. And when the cord is hard I can feel the pulse throughout it so I'm wondering if it's actually to do with a blocked vein.
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It might be Peyronie's disease.  They used to have patients take vitamin E to soften this (caplets).  I don't know if that is still recommended. But a urologist would help with this.  It tends to cause more curvature or change in shape than ED, but it can cause problems.  That is, even with the deformity it often still functions.  

If you smoke, stop.  If you don't exercise, start.  These will help your all-important blood flow.  If you have diabetes, control your blood sugar.  
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