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High Testosterone, difficult and weak erections

High Testosterone, Low Libido, difficult, weak erections

For the past 2-3 months, I have been experiencing:

1.  VERY low libido
2.  difficulties obtaining and maintaining an erection,
3.  mild depression
4.  sleeping problems (but have always had sleep issues)
5.  emotional -- more affected by sadness on tv shows to the point of tears (!)
6.  more joint/muscle pain than before
7.  I still get night time erections, but in the morning, they disappear, and it takes a lot to get me excited -- even though morning sex was my preferred time for my entire life.  In the past, I would have to wait until my penis would go soft so I could pee.  This hasn't happened in the past few months.

Nothing happened in my life to cause a change.  As one person wrote, "it was like going 100mph then 0mph, and not moving, but without having an accident."

The erection issues occur with my life partner as well as with other new partners.

About me:
a.  Male, 52, married but sexually promiscuous with many new partners.  
b.  Non smoker, non drinker.
c.  Weight is proportional (5'7" tall and 150#, although some weight charts say I should weigh less).
d.  Health is good - no issues or complaints other than what is stated above.
e.  No major life changes, self-employed >20 years.  Only work a few hours per day now.
f.   No testicular changes, same size and shape, no testicular injury or accident.
g.  No type of TRT or anything similar.  No current medications.
h.  Relatively balanced diet.

Blood Tests:
Negative for Diabetes
Standard Testosterone
     (9.83 ng/mL, March 2012)
     (10.42 ng/mL OR 1042 ng/dL in Oct 2013)
Albumin 4.62 g/dL
Free Testosterone 1.2%  (12 ng/dL)
Bioavailable Testosterone 3.01 ng/dL or 28.9%
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 62.16 nmol/L
Total Cholesterol 171
Blood Sugar 94 (mg%)
Kidney and Liver function tests good
Std and HIV are negative
Blood Pressure 110/68 pulse of 65

Everything shows as "normal".

I have always experienced what I referred to as "adrenaline" rushes where certain "excitement" would make me feel "cold" and feel like I want to warm up.  I always blamed that on adrenaline.

I read about adrenaline and how it counteracts testosterone.  I also read where too much sugar intake (as well as caffeine, chocolate and vanila!) can cause the release of adrenaline which fights testosterone.  Supposedly sugar surges alone can cause 25% drops in T levels.

My "vice" is sugar/sweets.  I drink vanila latte's every day, and consume a lot of chocolate.  I read about the effect on Testosterone, and decided to walk away from the sugar for the past 9 days.  So far, it has not had an effect on my libido or erection issues.  It still may be "stored" in my body so maybe enough time hasn't passed.

I don't exercise much, and do not lift weights.  The extent of exercise is some swimming and walking.

I have always suffered some from performance anxiety with new partners.  To mitigate, I would take a fourth (1/4) of a Viagra or cialis before meeting the new partner.  That produced rock hard erections, where I could feel the total hardness and see the fullness.  Erections stood at full mast, like a soldier giving a formal salute.  I have done this for 12+ years with no issues.

Contrast that to now, a few months later, and I can take a full 100mg tablet of Viagra, and still not get a full erection.  If I had to describe it, it is like there is something in my body that is counteracting the command to increase blood flow.

Drugs like V and C will give increased blood flow to the penis even when not excited ... one can see that "blood is flowing".  In other words, usually I can go to the bathroom to urinate and tell my the fullness of my non-erect penis that I took a supplement.  That is NOT happening now (since the past few months).

On the other hand, I can be day dreaming and get a partial erection and then lose it within 60 seconds.

Some mornings I awake with partial erections, while other mornings I do not.  And when I do have morning erections, they are "weak" and go away quickly.  Previously morning erections were full and very strong.

I have read that I should have prolactin checked, but I don't have the signs that make me think my prolactin is out of balance.  From what I read, increased prolactin levels would decrease testosterone levels -- which is not happening.

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for commenting back though. Congrats on feeling better! I may be going through a similar problem. Let me ask, how did your flaccid (not erect) penis feel during this time?
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I'm surprised in this forum that NO ONE replied. :)

It is now April (6 months since I made the post).  

I am not consuming any sugar; I gave up all my coffee's, chocolate, soft drinks, and other snacks.

I have also given up caffeine.  If I really want a coffee, it is now decaf with sugar free syrup.

Erections are back to normal.  Morning wood is quite strong and long lasting.  

No more "adrenaline" rushes.

Strangely, I feel great.  All because of sugar and caffeine??  Weird.
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