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I have a testicle related question. Please help.

I am 15 years old, and recently my right testicle started to hurt. Not severe, but say I sit down I can start to feel a tiny tiny pain and then my brain focuses on it and makes it seem to hurt more. I'm worried to say the least. I am not feeling sick in any way. Peeing is fine no discolouration. No fatigue, no swelling (as far as I can tell) It even looks like the other one (although it's a bit higher than it. I do masturbate, and my first guess that would be a reason it hurts. (It happens a lot). If it helps, sperm is fine and is not discoloured in any way also. Any guesses doctors?
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hello I'm 15 myself, although a girl I have a few guy friends with the same problem which is very strange, them having the same symptoms. I am not sure what this could be a) because I am not a boy and have never experienced this and b) I am not a doctor. I do suggest you should maybe talk to a fa,ily member who you trust about it, it may be nothing but if you are worried about it you might want to see a doctor even to just to discuss it. hoped this helped :)
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Hi Dusty,

Sorry there are not any medical doctors on this forum.

I highly doubt your pain is due to masturbation. I cannot say with any certainty as to what this could be. Pain should not be ignored.

It's most important that you confide in a trusted adult. I think you need to consult your primary care physician. They may have the answers if not a referral to a  Urologist could be helpful.

Best of luck.
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