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Irritated epididymal cyst

Hi. I’m 20 year old male , 5ft11, 75kg. I irritated my epididymal cyst about 10 days ago by touching it too much which caused it to become inflamed. This has lead to a lot of pain in my scrotum and lower abdominals. However the pain has almost completely disappeared and I believe the inflammation is also nearly gone. However I did accidentally minorly reirritate the cyst a week ago. Because the cyst was inflamed will this cause aches in the future ? Also once the inflammation has gone will the  cyst return to its previous size or get larger ? Thanks
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Always remember to keep your hands off cysts.  You can yourself transfer bacteria to it and cause infection.   Ya, these cysts can linger.  Have you considered surgical removal?
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I don’t want to do surgery as it could cause infertility. The pain has almost completely gone. Do you think there will be aches in the future and will the irritation cause the cyst to grow ?
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